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dental implants

Nowadays, dental implants have become one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments and performed by professional dentists because they can become a permanent solution to solve problems related to tooth loss. Also, the advanced technology of implant services allows patients to change the image of their smile and improve their teeth’ functionality. That’s why it’s becoming more and more frequent for people to go to a specialized dental clinic for a dental implant procedure so they can get a beautiful smile.

What is a dental implant treatment?

Implant treatment is basically the placement of a piece or several artificial teeth positioned in the jaw bone to give the denture better stability and function, just as natural teeth do. Therefore, when a patient presents tooth loss, periodontal problems, or other diseases, it is recommended that the patient follow this dental implants Tijuana procedure to show off his dream smile. 

Because implants’ placement is carried out with a trained dental team, such as an implant specialist, an implant surgeon, and a surgeon, the treatment plan is much more effective. In addition to this, the modern equipment we have in our clinic allows us to make use of high quality and resistant materials and tools for bone grafting (if needed), titanium screw placement, single implant or all on 4 implant placement, and everything related to oral surgery. 

The implants procedure comprises different elements: the implant, the dental crown, the bridge or fixed denture, and the abutment. The combination of these elements will allow dental treatment to be effective and durable. Therefore, the patient will be able to eat, talk, and smile without any problem. All thanks to the services offered by our team.

The procedure

Before the surgery

As in all the procedures that we offer in our clinic, before a practice of dental implants Tijuana, our team must evaluate the health status of the oral cavity; considering the dental care, the conditions of the affected tooth root, the density of the lower and upper jaw, the bone density and if there are gum diseases. This is so that the oral surgeon can have a more accurate estimate of the stage. For this purpose, the specialist will request certain medical studies to analyze the patient’s coagulation and X-rays to determine the bone tropism. 

After obtaining a more precise internal stage, the dentist will proceed to the physical examination. He will analyze each part of the mouth to determine if there are damages or health issues that may affect the implant placement.

The teeth will be analyzed thoroughly to determine if only one tooth or several teeth are affected. After this evaluation, the soft tissue will be analyzed to check the gums’ amount and health. Mainly, if any disease of the soft tissue is not optimal, the implant treatment should first be paused to solve the other problems.

After examining the oral cavity, the specialist will indicate the concept treatment so that the patient can know if he will require a pressure denture, removable denture, a single crown, all on 4 implants, or a single tooth implant. Sometimes a bone graft may be necessary. 


First, the patient undergoes a surgical procedure. The dental surgeons will place the implant in the optimal position according to the jawbone after analyzing the oral cavity conditions and determining the best option.

The bone around the implant is allowed to heal in a process known as osseointegration (combined with sufficient bone). In some cases, some patients can have implants and replacement teeth at the same time, while others have to wait several months before the artificial tooth can be attached to the implant.

The final step involves the placement of the artificial tooth or teeth.

Types of dental implants Tijuana

There are two types of implants, which are:

Endosteal Implant: This type of implant is one of the most used by our clinic’s dental team; this thanks to the success rate obtained. Due to the characteristic shape of the screw that will be implanted, it is possible to place it in the jaw more efficiently and achieve an excellent aesthetics and lasting functional alternative. On the other hand, this type of implant allows them to be placed to restore more than one tooth, an all on 4 treatment. 

Subperiosteal implant: Unlike the other type of dental implants, this type of technique is indicated for those patients who do not have the width indicated for an endosteal implant. The subperiosteal implant is placed in the upper part of the bone, just below the gums, and can be performed individually or in combination.

Care for dental implants Tijuana

For the implants in patients to prevail for a long time, the patient must follow a maintenance program according to the treatment concept. Specific care must be taken so that the artificial pieces or the removable denture are not quickly damaged.

Regular appointments: To improve the condition of the implants Tijuana, the patient should visit the dental clinic periodically so that our dentists can scan the state of the treated area to determine if there is any medical issue and to perform oral hygiene to eliminate bacterial plaque that accumulates on the teeth and the implant. Special cleaning is necessary so that the dental stones can be removed and obtain a better subgingival cleaning; this with the help of first-class equipment.  

Proper hygiene from home: Just as regular appointments at our dental office are essential in this type of treatment. Since implants Tijuana are an artificial structure, the patient must carry out a particular cleaning routine for these cases. Therefore, the person must use a special dental brush designed to clean the crowns better.  In addition to this, an interproximal dental brush must also be used since it increases the possibility of improving hygiene in those areas that are difficult to access. 

Mouthwash is necessary because, with this product’s use, the microorganisms deposited in the mouth can be eliminated.

What should be considered when placing dental implants Tijuana?

It is essential to keep in mind that implants treatment requires professionals who have the necessary ability and techniques to perform this process. The patient must also be in optimal condition. That is why it is highly recommended that before surgery, the patient makes an appointment so our specialists can evaluate the situation and avoid future problems. Diabetes, leukemia, and other chronic diseases can interfere with the healing process after surgery, and in that case, the placement of implants is not recommended.

What are the benefits that can be obtained with dental implants Tijuana?

Implant services help replace a lost tooth, improve appearance, promote good oral health, increase comfort, make eating less complicated, and improve self-esteem. They are also durable, with the necessary care and attention.

Dental Implant Cost

The implant prices will depend a lot on the patient’s situation, whether it only requires a simple implant adjustment or a whole implant surgery. However, the average cost of our procedures is much lower than in the United States, allowing people to save thousands of dollars and obtain optimal results. One factor to consider is that our implant center is located minutes or hours away from central California cities, making it an excellent choice. 

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