Cosmetic Dentistry in Tijuana

Generally, cosmetic dentistry is a term used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance (though not necessarily the function) of teeth and gums or the bite. Nevertheless, it primarily focuses on improvement of dental aesthetics in color and position as well as shape and size and alignment and overall smile appearance. While traditional dentistry focuses majorly on oral hygiene, prevention and treatment of oral diseases, cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of teeth and the mouth and your smile. Alternatively, cosmetic dentistry provides selective treatments and services.

On the other hand, cosmetic treatments may also provide restorative benefits. For example, dental fillings are the most common procedures that are normally used to treat decayed teeth. Previously, they were mainly made out of gold, amalgam and other material that only left visible dark spots on the teeth. In fact, todays dental fillings may be considered cosmetic to a certain extent because one is allowed to select fillings made of porcelain or composite materials that closely match to the color of your teeth, thus maintaining a unified color and smile. Nonetheless, few people choose to have their older filling totally replaced with new ones in order to enhance their oral appearance.

Cosmetic trends

Unlike many years in the past, cosmetic dental treatments have been made more durable and predictable due to the technological advancements in natural-looking and tooth-colored dental materials. Additionally, dentists are currently using more conservative techniques to preserve one’s natural tooth as much as possible, depending on your specific clinical situation. However, dentists can also use technology such as laser in order to perform some procedures that are necessary for cosmetic treatments in their own offices. This makes procedures not only more comfortable and convenient for patients but also help reduce the recovery time.

Treatment options

Composite bonding

Composite bonding is a dental procedure to repair chipped and broken teeth as well as discolored or decayed. A dental composite material is similar to enamel and dentin and it is usually applied into the cavity or onto the surface of the tooth where it is then sculptured into shape, contoured and hardened with a high-intensity light. The result is a restoration that blends invisibly with the remainder of the surrounding tooth structure and the rest of the natural teeth to create a healthy bright smile.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening also referred as bleaching, is the most common recommended and practiced cosmetic dentistry procedure. Teeth can stained from smoking and eating certain foods as well as drinking coffee or tea. On the other hand, teeth can be stained by poor oral hygiene. Bleaching teeth can enhance the appearance of one’s smile. Bleaching treatment begins when your dentist creates a custom mouthpiece to ensure that the correct amount of whitening solution used and your teeth are properly exposed. Typically, depending on the kind of shade you require, whitening at home takes two to four weeks.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are composite or porcelain laminates that are adhesively bonded to the surface of a tooth in order to correct and repair chips and cracks that will improve a worn appearance or severe tooth discoloration. Nevertheless, dental veneers may also be recommended for an individual that has gaps between his teeth or has had an unsuccessful teeth whitening procedure. When undertaking the procedure, little or no anesthesia is needed. A dental veneer is an alternative to crowns that are usually very expensive and invasive. Just before an addition of the veneer, the dentist should lightly buff the teeth in order to compensate for the added thickness of the veneer. And once the cement has been placed between the tooth and the veneer, a light beam is used to harden it.


Inlays are also called indirect fillings. Inlays are usually made from porcelain or composite materials that are long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing so as to provide a filling to decaying teeth as well as teeth with some structural damages. Usually, dental fillings are molded into place within the mouth during a visit to the dentist. They are created in the laboratory before your dentist can fit them to adhesively bond in place.

Dental implants

Dental implants is a surgical procedure to compensate for tooth loss. It can be made out of titanium or zirconia and it consist on 3 parts: implant, abutment and crown; the whole treatment is usually done in 6 to 8 months when you’ll use a temporary. Most often, the result is not only an enhanced smile, but also a more youthful appearance since missing teeth can cause face to collapse, making one look older.

Smile makeover

It involves a comprehensive assessment of ones smile’s aesthetics in order to improve its overall appearance. A smile makeover comprises a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental implants and dental veneers as well as gingival sculpting.

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