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root canal tijuana

In the area of dentistry, there are many sub-branches which are focused on specialties, one of these branches is endodontics, in which dentists focus on treating specific areas such as alterations in the dental pulp, and problems in the tissues. Treatments like root canal are required when the person presents significant issues associated with the aggravation of caries or trauma.

What is the purpose of the root canal procedure?

The purpose of procedures focused on a root canal treatment is to preserve the patients’ teeth, as well as all the structures surrounding the damaged area. So that the person does not suffer alterations in the functionality of the oral cavity. To know how bad the area is, the dentist must examine with determination the condition of the tissues and the pulp so that he can determine a possible treatment.

When Is It Required For A Root Canal procedure?

Sometimes it can be very complicated for the patient to determine when he or she needs a root canal. Mainly because sometimes it does not present a single symptom, so the patient doesn’t think that there is bacteria in the tooth until it’s too late and there’s no other option. And when it hurts, it can turn out to be that unmistakable toothache that can keep you up all night. Often you will be asked to take antibiotics and painkillers before the root canal treatment.

In What Consists Root Canal Therapy?Dental6E.rootcanal

The dental procedure that the endodontist performs is mainly aimed at treating the canals that are inside the infected tooth, that is, the soft tissue. To do so, the dentist will provide local anesthetic in the area to be treated, and once the anesthesia makes effects, with the help of a special tool, the area where the pulp is located will be opened.

Once the area is uncovered, the Tijuana Mexico dentist will proceed to perform an emptying of the diseased pulp and the contents inside the infected tooth. Once the material has been emptied, it will be necessary to disinfect with antiseptics the place where the content was located and then fill it with another type of unique material. The root canal specialist must provide the damaged area with regeneration to ensure that there are no problems in the future or when the wound is healing.

Once the root canal is finished, it is necessary to put a dental crown to cover the area of ​​the treated tooth and give it a more natural appearance. In some cases medication may be necessary to avoid discomfort

If the irrigation were done correctly, this would allow the restoration and a proper dental care. If not, it would be necessary to carry out a root canal retreatment. If this does not work it would be necessary to remove the tooth and replace it with a dental implant.

What Are The Limitations Of The Root Canal?

As with any treatment, there are specific details that can limit the dentist from performing an endodontic treatment, or generating secondary symptoms in the patient. Even though the tooth may have been saved, there may be specific postoperative effects to be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Sensitive conditions, mainly to their loss.
  • Presence of periapical fibrosis or chronic periodontitis.
  • Discomfort in the area.
  • Occurring infections
  • Tooth coloration.

Also, certain conditions in the patient’s oral cavity may limit the ability to perform a procedure of root canal in Tijuana Mexico.

If the patient has an advanced degree of calcification in the canals, it will be much more complicated for the Tijuana dentist to perform the process of disinfection and filling or temporary filling.

Deformity or problem of abnormally positioned canals. If the patient presents this problem, unfortunately, it will remain untreated, so the discomfort in the area will continue. In these cases, it will be necessary to look for another procedure, a simple treatment wont work.

Infection around the root. When this condition occurs, there is a high probability that the area to be treated with endodontics will not heal completely. To avoid further damage, it will be necessary to resort to the canal with surgery of the root canal in Tijuana Mexico and assists to regular check ups.

What Should The Dentist And The Patient Need To Consider For A Root Canal In Tijuana Mexico?

It is the dentist’s responsibility to make sure of the patient’s condition, so it will be necessary to investigate the patient’s medical history. In this way, the dentist will be able to learn about diseases that the patient suffers from, such as diabetes, hypertension, allergy to latex, and other medications.

As for the patient, it is necessary to provide the dentist with all the information they require; they must follow the instructions given by the specialist carefully, as well as go to the office periodically and, finally, they must have in mind that the treatment does not guarantee that there will not be cavities.

Taking the necessary care for proper oral health is very important to maintain the results of this type of treatment and avoid going through the entire dental work process again. Because although this procedure is carried out in a center with the necessary experience, if the patient does not carry out the necessary care, there may be some kind of problem in the future.

If the patient has the feeling of any discomfort after the dental procedure, it is necessary to let the dentist know so that he can give him the appropriate medication or perform a review to see if everything is going well.

What Are The Benefits Of Root Canal?

The affected tooth can be saved.

The microorganisms that affect or worsen the area will be eliminated.

Intense pain will be eliminated.

In our Mexico clinic we will work with you to help you make the right decision depending on your past and present overall health situation. And if the decision is to have one, you can be sure that all of our root canal procedures are done using a rubber dam, ozone gas, and ozonated water to lessen the toxicity in dental materials plus our x rays are always 100% digital.

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