Teeth Whitening in Tijuana

teeth whitening

Most of us would like to have white, bright, good looking teeth throughout our entire life. Unfortunately, the shade of our teeth will fade out and turn into a darker, grayer color for many reasons. On top of the list will be age; it is normal for our teeth to change color as we get older. This is a normal physiological occurrence and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. Second on the list will be our eating and drinking habits; there are many foods and liquids that will promote change in the shade of our teeth and these will be carrots, beets, coffee, certain teas and cola beverages such as Coca-Cola (this along is very toxic and nobody should be drinking it). Some medications and fluoride consumption also make the list as well as drug abuse.

Correcting changes in tooth shade used to be only possible with full crowns or veneers. Fortunately most of us can be candidates for teeth whitening to make our teeth bright white again and this can be accomplished in two ways: in office teeth whitening or a take-home kit.

Before I explain the differences between these two treatments let me clarify the following: A) all types of teeth whitening (brands, procedure, etc) need a touch up in about 18 months; B) It is normal for your teeth to become sensitive for approximately 2 – 3 days after whitening them (nothing that Tylenol cannot handle); C) teeth will improve up to 3 shades in a 16 color tooth chart.

In office teeth whitening have a higher concentration of the active ingredient, that’s way is possible to achieve results with one single dosage and within an hour; but they can also leave your teeth more sensitive. Take-home kits have a lower concentration so you will need to apply the product 20 minutes per day for 5 days; this way you have a better control of the product: if your teeth turn to sensitive or you have a attain the shade you desire, you don’t need to do all 5 days. If your teeth are too hypersensitive and don’t have a high pain threshold then the take-home kit is the one for you. Otherwise the in-office product is o.k. If you have multiple chemical sensitiveness or a similar disease then I don’t recommend teeth whitening at all.

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