Dental Bridges in Tijuana

It’s utilized to bridge the gap when you have at least one missing teeth. By connecting neighboring teeth and supplanting the missing tooth with a crown, you can re-establish your bite and smile . A bridge is a made out 2 or more crowns welded together and once its cemented you have replaced your missing teeth.Spaces left open in your mouth may make your teeth float out of position, also the shame connected with having missing teeth.

The material used to make this crowns are:

  1. Metal fused to porcelain, called pfm crowns or
  2.  All porcelain metal free crown, such as zirconia or bruxzir.

We always recommend the latter. Dental bridges look genuine and can last up to 10 years. What’s more, appropriate oral cleanliness turns out to be more essential when you have a bridge as the development of plaque and tartar build can occur more easily.

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