Dr. Walter De La O




Dr. Walter De La O has more than 12 years practicing metal free dentistry and 10 years doing biological dentistry. He practiced at Sanoviv Hospital as head of the dental department from 2001-2013. He applies his knowledge in all the different areas that he masters standing out in the treatments of holistic dentistry, orthodontics and replacement of amalgam with resin combined with oxygen/ozone therapies.



Dr. De La O begins to practice biological dentistry at Sanoviv Hospital and two years later he is promoted to Head of Dental Department where he carries out this function until the year 2013.


On this year Dr. De La O is certified as Orthodontist and Maxillofacial Orthopedist by A.M.O.M.


Dr. De La O starts Excelencia Dental, working on it for more than 7 years.


Dr. De La O begins the Orthodontics specialty and is certified as Orthodontics Specialist by I.D.A.P. Dr. De La O funds Dental 6ta & E on September 2012 and this way offer better service to the patient, as well as continuing offering traditional and alternative dental treatments.

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