About Us

Why Choose Us?

Dental 6ta & E represents the idyllic place for receiving dental attention in all areas of oral medicine, from general dentistry to specialist’s care, providing traditional therapies and alternatives treatments.

We provide a wide range of dental treatments, like Root Canals, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Teeth Whitening, Smile Makeovers and much more. Thanks to our experience and affordable prices, we are your best dentist in Tijuana.

Our Team

Dr. Walter De La O
Head Dentist

Dr. Walter De La O has more than 12 years practicing metal free dentistry and 10 years doing biological dentistry. He practiced at Sanoviv Hospital as head of the dental department from 2001-2013. He applies his knowledge in all the different areas that he masters standing out in the treatments of holistic dentistry, orthodontics and…

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Larisa De La O
Dental Assistant
Ernesto De La O F.
Patient Coordinatior
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 Dr. Laura Espinoza
Dental Surgeon
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 Dr. Hugo Melgar Casagrande
Periodontics and Implants Specialist

Our Mission

Dental 6ta & e provides dental treatments to the patient and the community with a biological approach in all its areas without forgetting the traditional principles. Offers esthetic and restorative treatments with cutting edge materials and gives holistic options, keeping in mind that the tooth is an organ, being its purpose to provide better oral health to the patient and to promote the alternative treatments that dentistry has to offer.

When the teeth, the gums and the mouth are treated keeping in mind that they are organs and tissue that belong to and are a component of a vital part of the body and are taken care of in good time, it contributes to the wellness of the entire body and, subsequently, it can influence in the recovery of different illnesses in other parts of the body.

Our Values

Service to the patient with friendliness and courtesy

We are here to take care of the patient and offer oral health. This dental office was created to serve the patient and the community. You are cared for in a friendly and not hostile atmosphere focused on making you feel comfortable and without intimidation. We are aware that the dental experience can be traumatic and not a desirable one and we will do everything that is possible to diminish the anxiety.

Competence, abilities and satisfaction

We take our profession seriously and with passion to deliver high quality dental treatments that lasts, looks and feels good. We are committed to offering you dental attention the same as we would want for any member of our family. We will always find the way to correct a treatment in case you are not satisfied with the work or the attention. Your satisfaction is our goal.

On the cutting edge of dentistry

The advances in dentistry are continuous, in all its branches. Our search for excellence consists of being on the cutting edge of modern therapies in dentistry, especially in the biological ones.