Periodontics in Tijuana

Periodontics refers to the illnesses that take place “around” the tooth that is, the gum, the bone and the ligament. These illnesses are known as gingivitis, periodontitis or periodontal disease and in most cases do not produce pain.

Periodontal disease is so aggressive that compromises the immune system 24 hours a day. Even though it is very frequent a lot of dentists are unaware that it must be treated before starting other treatments, like crowns or implants. In cases, where it is known that the patient is diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, circulatory or heart problems, it must be considered as a priority.

The key for controlling this illness is when the patient is more proactive with his dental hygiene at home. This is achieved with education on our behalf with the appropriate care of your mouth promoting the health area with natural remedies and products, and choosing the right vitamins and nutritional supplements as well as their quality.

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