How to fix crooked teeth?

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When we are children we have milk teeth, as time passes, commonly at the age of 6, those teeth start to fall and permanent teeth take their place. Frequently these permanent teeth grow crooked. The result of this is not a very desired aesthetic image, which can cause low self-esteem and insecurity when a person is smiling or talking. In children and teenagers, because of the premature phase they are in, having crooked teeth can affect their personality.

Many people do not pay adequate attention to this problem and let it go, because they think it does not affect them in any way, but they are wrong, because not only their image is being affected, it’s not just an aesthetic problem.

Here are 3 problems caused by crooked teeth that your dentist in Tijuana can help with:

  1. Bad Breath
    Having crooked teeth causes certain gaps between teeth, where is the perfect place for bacteria to hide from the toothbrush and even dental floss, and these bacteria cause bad breath.
  2. Damage to the teeth
    Having crooked teeth results in a misalignment of these, which causes them to rub up directly against each other, this can cause fractures in the teeth and can even leave them fragile and susceptible to future breakage.
  3. Chronic Headaches
    The misalignment of the teeth can cause wear on the jaws and teeth, which can lead to chronic headaches. Many times people suffering from chronic headaches do not know that it is due to wear on jaws and teeth.

There are adults who have had crooked teeth since they were children because they were not treated early and have been dealing with the consequences of this problem for years. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, both for children and adults: brackets in Tijuana.

And we say in Tijuana because it is well known by everyone, that the dental treatments in Tijuana are cheaper than in the United States, and have the same quality.

Getting braces in Tijuana can solve the problem of crooked teeth and also have many benefits:

  1. Prevent Gum Disease
    Gum Disease can cause many problems in the mouth if it is not treated properly. Fortunately, brackets in Tijuana can help create the proper space between teeth so it’s easier to brush them, and in that way prevent gum disease, which is caused for having bad dental hygiene.
  2. Prevent Cavities
    Brackets space out the teeth so a person can clean the mouth better and get in between the small spaces between teeth. Having good dental hygiene prevent tooth decay.
  3. Help with bad bites
    A bad bite can cause problems with the teeth when they don’t fit together, as a consequence the jaw can get tired, which eventually leads to tooth loss. Fortunately, get brackets in Tijuana, help to realign these upper and lower parts of the mouth.
  4. Help with Proportions
    Many people have misaligned jaws which can cause their face to look disproportionate. Getting brackets helps to move the teeth into a better position, making the lips and jaw more proportionate to the face.

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