Orthodontics in Tijuana


You might be looking for an orthodontist in Tijuana, since having a beautiful smile has become a need and desire that many seek today, but one of the most common problems is that many people have damage to their teeth that affects the aesthetics and function of the teeth. That is why in the area of dentistry, there is the specialty of orthodontics. The orthodontist in Tijuana of our clinic who work in this branch work on the correction of the alterations that the oral cavity has suffered. This is so that, thanks to the orthodontics in Tijuana treatments that we offer at Dental 6th & E, our patients can obtain a denture that meets their needs.

Oral Problems We Solve With Orthodontics in Tijuana

Multiple damages can be treated with orthodontics in Tijuana, the most common being:


People who present this alteration are characterized by the fact that the upper teeth protrude, leaving the lower teeth behind, so that the maxilla is positioned further forward than the jaw. This type of condition belongs to the group of malocclusions, where bone disorders are specifically treated. The overbite can be solved with the orthodontics in Tijuana treatments that we offer in our dental clinic.


It is another condition that we can treat with orthodontics in Tijuana. The crossbite is characterized when there is an incorrect relationship between the jawbones, causing the teeth don’t fit. Although there is currently no specific reason why people have this problem, they are usually associated with bone development issues.

Open bite

An open bite is a condition that causes the mouth not to close properly because the front or back teeth do not touch. This can not only affect the aesthetics of the teeth but also alter their functioning, causing difficulties in speaking or problems in chewing. With the help of the different methods of orthodontics in Tijuana, our specialists can progressively correct this condition.

Dental Crowding

It is definitely one of the most frequent problems that people have, which can be corrected through orthodontics in Tijuana. This problem is characterized by teeth piling up on top of each other because there is not enough space within the oral cavity. With the help of our experts, patients will be able to improve the appearance of their teeth and give them a better cleaning.

Correcting someone’s smile can be done in two ways, with orthodontics in Tijuana (through the use of braces) or orthopedics (removable dental braces), and both are dental specialties that our orthodontist in Tijuana offers at Dental 6th & E.

Orthodontics in Tijuana procedures are usually started around age 15 or 16, but orthopedics can be performed at age eight and sometimes, depending on the malocclusion, even earlier. Our patients need to know that, if they hear dentists say that dental procedures start at age 16, it means that they only studied orthodontics and not orthopedics. These two specialties go hand in hand and are often done together, depending on the age of the patient.

Orthodontic in Tijuana Treatments

Many procedures can be performed to solve problems in the oral cavity. The use of each of them will depend very much on the recommendations that our dentists at Dental 6th & E offer to patients, as well as on people’s wishes.

Metal Braces

This orthodontic in Tijuana procedure is one of the most used, mainly because the results are usually faster and more effective. Still, one of the disadvantages, for many, is that they are not aesthetic.

Ceramic Braces

The difference with traditional braces is that ceramic ones are much more discreet because the pieces assimilate the color of the teeth. In Dental 6th & E, we usually use them in those who want something more discreet and in adults.

Sapphire Braces

It is the ideal orthodontics in Tijuana treatments for those patients who wish to improve the appearance of their teeth without the need to wear metal pieces or for those who have problems with tooth pigmentation. This procedure is discreet, and the appearance they offer is quite natural.

Invisible Treatments

It is an excellent alternative for those patients who, for different reasons, cannot use any of the above procedures. This type of orthodontics in Tijuana treatments is characterized by the use of removable and transparent splints, which will be removed at the time of oral cleaning. These are made to fit the teeth and are made from materials that are camouflaged by the teeth.

Also, these removable appliances can be made while the patient still has temporary teeth (primary teeth), correcting their malocclusion, or decreasing the chances of needing braces at a later age.

Having braces is not all about ending up with beautifully straight teeth; it’s also about creating an excellent functional bite, correcting the way that you chew, and, consequently, alleviate other dental health concerns. Having a misaligned smile can be the origin of other oral maladies such as clenching and grinding, dental facets and broken worn out teeth, clicking and popping of your TMJ, gum disease, plaque, and tartar build-up, bad breath among many others.

At Dental 6th & E, we offer a wide selection of orthopedic and orthodontics in Tijuana treatments. We are also certified to do the DAMON Orthodontic System to provide our patients with a beautiful smile, depending on their needs. In this way, we assure our patients that the procedures we perform in our clinic are done under the hands of an orthodontist in Tijuana.

Let Dental 6th & E, together with our specialist orthodontist in Tijuana, help you get a beautiful smile, call us, and schedule your appointment.

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