Why is the Tijuana Mexico dentist one of the best?

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Finding the perfect dentist is not always easy because depending on where you live sometimes it is difficult to access these services. On the other hand, it is also common that when we request the services of dentists, it is not always taken into consideration in which area they specialize.


At first glance, the function of the dentist and an orthodontist can be very similar, however, within the area of ​​orthodontics, several appliances and devices are used to correct the bite. Tijuana is a city full of specialists so you can be sure that you will find the appropriate treatment and dentist.


The best dentists are in Tijuana

In professional clinics such as Dental 6ta & E, we know that dental medicine is a very broad field, so it is necessary to have specialists in specific procedures. Our dentist in Tijuana, Dr. Walter de la O, is a professional with a great trajectory, who, together with a team of experts, seeks to provide the best patient care.


Comprehensive treatment plan

The dentist in Tijuana knows how important it is for the patient to know the condition of their mouth. So, after performing several studies, he provides the patient with all the information about the possible problems he suffers and how they can affect his oral health.


In this first appointment, it is explained which may be the most appropriate treatments to solve the problem; it also indicates whether the intervention of another professional from the team will be necessary, such as in the case of a bite correction.


Tooth health is a priority

Sadly, like all over the world, some unethical dentists suggest extracting good teeth when it is not necessary; they also suggest expensive treatments, which are not needed by the patient like dental veneers.


That is why one of the main characteristics of a good dentist is that he avoids wasting or removing a tooth in good condition. At Dental 6ta & E we offer the patient dental treatments with a biological approach, but always taking into consideration traditional principles.


Our priority is not only based on aesthetics, we also make sure to restore teeth with the highest quality materials. In the same way, we are aware that the tooth is an organ, so we offer you the best options to ensure better oral health.


Continuous training 

A mistake that many dentists make is to stop updating and to think that the knowledge they acquired in college is more than enough. The truth is that just as science advances, medicine also advances, so it is necessary to constantly update.


Tijuana’s dentists are the best because they are constantly updating, even adding the newest technology to their clinics to always offer the best treatments. To know if a dentist is good is not only about observing their titles on the wall, it is also necessary to pay attention to the way they explain the treatments.


All dentists at Dental 6ta & E know that advances in dentistry are in all its branches. That is why we are not left behind; we always seek excellence and we know that to obtain it we must be at the forefront.


Our team of professionals is constantly updating and to provide a good service, we focus on modern dental treatments, mainly biological ones.



Patients who want a correct and aesthetic bite usually require more than one treatment. This is why good dentists give the patient an estimate for the entire treatment and are not required to pay upfront.


Although in Tijuana the prices of a dentist are much more accessible than in the United States, they are not a reason to choose a health professional. Low prices can be a bad sign, so it is necessary to be guided by other reasons than low prices.


Good reputation

It is not a secret that the best dentists are in Tijuana, and the truth is that several dentists have earned this fame due to the quality of their work. Among the most popular dentists in Tijuana are the members of the Dental 6ta & E.


It is a great team of experts, among which are Dr. Laura Espinoza dental surgeon, Dr. Hugo Melgar Casagrande specialist in periodontics and implants and Dr. Walter de la O; who has more than 12 years of experience and was also practicing at the Sanoviv Hospital, being the head of the dental department.


Success stories

The cases of other patients are of great help to know why Tijuana’s dentists are so requested. Through testimonials from real patients, others can see the quality with which dentists work.


Either through their social networks or directly on the platform, you can obtain the necessary information to clarify any questions you may have. As these are professional clinics, you can also schedule an appointment to clarify any kind of doubt you have.



In addition to having the necessary knowledge to provide their services, Tijuana’s dentists have good facilities and follow all hygiene protocols. The use of gloves, disinfectant, and the sterilization of instruments are only part of the hygiene measures that a good dentist should take.


Our dental clinic and staff are considered the best in Tijuana Mexico, which is why thousands of people travel from countries like the United States and Canada to have a dental procedure; also we have the most modern equipment and competitive prices.