What is Biological Dentistry?

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Biological dentistry is to relate oral health with the rest of the body’s health. It is to recognize and have in mind that the mouth is part of the body. One cannot say that they are healthy without considering their oral conditions. Illnesses of the mouth, be it cavities, gingivitis or infections, are ailments that are in the body.

For some reason, in some part of history, modern or traditional medicine stopped recognizing this, dividing the oral care exclusively for the dentist and the body’s health to the doctor and this has taken us to controversial issues. Medicine and dentistry recognize that periodontal disease is related to heart disease, but it’s more difficult to understand the relation that exists between the mercury amalgams and your health. Mercury is the second most toxic heavy metal in nature; arsenic is the first. Even so, the amalgams contain 40%-50% mercury.

Current dental conditions and work done by dentists influence your health in different forms. When you resume these concepts one starts to practice “biological dentistry”.

Each time we take care of our patients, we have in mind the impact we can create in other parts of the body and due to this we choose biocompatible materials and our treatments are the least invasive possible. We offer detoxifying protocols, alternative therapies and we practice holistic dentistry preferring vitamins and homeopathic remedies over medicine; we are constantly keeping up to date in subjects of biological dentistry. Your path towards health (dental and bodily) begins with your first consultation with us.