What Causes Bad Breath Even After Brushing

Woman Wondering What Causes Bad Breath Even After Brushing

Oral health is essential for hundreds of patients since a smile is your first impression when you greet someone. Maintaining good oral hygiene offers benefits that help teeth last for many more years. Proper use of cleaning products to wash the mouth is an important point when you want to avoid oral cavities. Complemented with dental appointments, this will keep your dental health in the best possible condition.

However, there are people who, even after washing their mouths, still have bad breath. This can be due to many reasons. That is why it is important to know what causes bad breath even after brushing to understand this issue better.

Poor oral hygiene 

Poor oral hygiene is one of the most common ways of identifying what causes bad breath, even after brushing. While there are variations on how often teeth should be brushed, everyone agrees that it should be done daily, as failure to do so will cause tartar to build up between the teeth and result in a bad odor.

There are cases of patients who brush their teeth daily and still do not understand why their mouth smells bad; this may be mainly because the products they use to brush their teeth do not work or because they do not brush their teeth correctly.

Proper tooth brushing involves having a comfortable and functional toothbrush that can adequately clean the teeth, cheeks, and tongue, complemented with a toothpaste that suits the needs. Even so, what causes bad breath after brushing may result in patients not implementing flossing and rinsing after brushing. These supplements can eliminate 99% of bacteria in the mouth, effectively leaving a fresh breath.


Knowing what causes bad breath even after brushing involves identifying that other factors not directly related to the mouth cause bad breath, an example of which would be dehydration. It is often thought that dehydration occurs only in high temperatures, for instance, during the summer. While it is true that during this time, there are many more cases of dehydrated people, the reality is that this can happen to anyone at any time. Dehydration occurs when more fluids are lost than are recovered.

That is why certain areas of the body, such as the mouth, may lose saliva because you do not drink water constantly, and, in the worst case, one of the symptoms would be vomiting because, as many people know, vomiting can cause bad breath.

Foods high in sulfur

Food may be what causes bad breath even after brushing. It is common for foods such as garlic or onions to immediately cause bad breath even after brushing your teeth.

While not all foods that immediately cause bad breath can be classified, some foods with high amounts of sulfur are the ones that most commonly tend to cause bad breath. Some foods, such as fish, liver, or certain meats, tend to release amounts of sulfur.


What causes bad breath even after brushing may be strongly related to some actions, such as smoking. Cigarettes being a product consumed through the mouth often causes certain diseases such as mouth cancer. Mouth cancer directly influences the salivary glands, causing them not to produce normal amounts of saliva in the throat, tongue, and lips. 

In addition, using cigarettes can cause other problems in the teeth, such as the rapid deterioration of the teeth or directly painting them yellowish.

Dry mouth 

As you have seen, what causes bad breath even after brushing can be traced back to a dry mouth; the reasons for this are many, but among them are smoking, dehydration, and also simpler ones, such as not drinking enough fluids during the day, can be the cause of bad breath. 

It is not advisable to replace water with beverages such as juice, soda, beer, or energy drinks. Besides not satisfying thirst, this will only cause large amounts of sugar to negatively affect the mouth’s odor. During the day, it is highly recommended to drink water since, in addition to recovering liquids, it helps to prevent the mouth from drying out and, therefore, not producing bad breath.

Certain medical conditions 

What causes bad breath even after brushing is also strongly linked to certain medical conditions that cause our mouth to smell bad. Stomach problems, sinus problems, acid reflux, and even medications are some of the direct reasons bad breath persists despite maintaining good oral hygiene.

Although these are some of the reasons behind what causes bad breath even after brushing, some other conditions are best consulted by a professional dentist in Tijuana who can determine precisely what causes bad breath. In Dental 6ta & E, we have a perfectly trained team supported by the best in dental technology. You can rest assured we will offer a personalized dental service that suits your needs with the guarantee that you will get positive results.