What are the differences between a dental clinic in the United States and a Mexico dental clinic

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Every year thousands of patients from the United States decide to cross the border to Mexico, to have some type of dental procedure. The main reason is the popularity of Tijuana, as one of the main destinations for cosmetic dental tourism, but that is not all.

In reality, dentists in Mexico have characteristics that are of great importance to foreigners from countries such as the United States and Canada. Every year our country is visited by a million patients, which has positioned Mexico among the first places of cosmetic dental tourism, and it is only below Thailand.

Differences between a dental clinic in Mexico vs the United States

The high demand for dental treatments in Mexico may suggest that many differences exist between clinics. However, the reality is that they share many similarities, although there are characteristics that position Mexico among the first options.

Quality care with or without insurance

The main difference between the clinics in the United States and Mexico is that they are much more accessible even without dental insurance, and the patient can receive quality treatment. This brings us to the next point.

Lower prices

Although the patient may need to travel to Mexico to undergo a dental procedure, they can save up to 75%. It should be noted that this may vary depending on the type of dental procedure, however, due to the increase in costs in the US it is still a good option.

Performing dental procedures in the United States can be four times more expensive than in Mexico. This makes it difficult for patients to have access to the most common procedures, so it is very common that when they arrive in Mexico their oral health is very deteriorated.

The travel time is quite short since the U.S and Mexico are very close countries and it is enough to drive a few hours to see a dentist in Tijuana.

Transport service

Undoubtedly, another difference between US clinics and Mexican ones is that Mexican dental clinics usually offer free transportation services. In other words, the clinic sends a professional driver for the patient, who takes him from the border or the airport to the clinic where he will be treated. 

Although not all clinics in Mexico offer this kind of service, professional clinics like Dental 6ta & E do offer it.

Professional dentists

Although dentists in the United States have excellent quality, by offering quite expensive treatments, it is common for patients to receive poor quality treatments. This is because by not being able to pay for good treatments, they are offered the cheapest options, which although they are not of excellent quality, can help the patients momentarily. 

The downside of these kinds of treatments is that they do not completely solve the problem, there are even times when the health of the mouth ends up worsening; which ends up causing the patient to invest more money to try to solve it.

The main advantage of treatments in Mexico is that dentists are always looking for ways to improve the health of the patient regardless of their economy. Although the patient has a limited budget, the treatments are of high quality and even the cheapest treatment has good results. 

This prevents the patient from continuing to suffer from mouth problems because even if they do not have insurance, there are other forms of payment.

Variety of treatments

Although both in the United States and Mexico people can access high-quality treatments, the truth is that in some American clinics it is difficult to find specialists. On the other hand, in Mexico, the demand for dentists is so high that it is easy to find specialists to perform any kind of dental procedure.

Even if they have to make an appointment with the specialist, the patients do not have to wait several days or even months to be treated. In most dental clinics in Mexico, there is an orthodontist, pediatric dentist, endodontist, oral pathologist or oral surgeon, and prosthodontist.

This ensures the health of the whole family, because no matter what type of problem they have in their mouth, they can always count on a specialist to diagnose and treat the problem.

Mexico, the best option

As you can see, although there are not many differences between dental clinics in the United States and Mexico, there are characteristics that can be decisive for the health of the patient. The main one is the economy since most dental treatments are much cheaper in Mexico. 

The other characteristic is quality since it is difficult to access high-quality treatments in the United States due to how expensive they are. Therefore, many patients find it necessary to spend a long time living with the problem, until they manage to find a temporary solution.

However, it is quite simple to offer professional treatments in Mexico that provide the patient with all the qualities they need to have a better quality of life. Especially if they go to clinics like Dental 6ta & E where we offer you the best services.

There are no language barriers in our dental facility because our dental professionals speak English and Spanish, giving the North Americans the best level of care. We are located in the Mexican border town of Tijuana, near San Diego.

In Dental 6ta & E, we have the most advanced technology, and of course, we provide the most affordable procedures with the best dental care.