Can US citizens travel to Mexico for dental work?

Dentist In Tijuana

Every year hundreds of tourists visit Mexico’s border cities with the intention of receiving diverse medical treatments. This is known as medical tourism and within medical tourism, dental tourism is a branch that has been increasing in recent years, especially in the city of Tijuana.

Most tourists are mainly from countries such as the United States and Canada; however, the arrival of COVID-19 has made traveling to Mexico difficult. It is precisely because of this reason that there are many doubts as to whether or not a U.S. citizen can travel to Mexico.

Is it possible to travel to Mexico to get my teeth treated?

Certainly, since many years ago many people, mainly from the United States and Canada travel to Mexico in order to receive dental care treatments, which in their countries involve a large sum of money, whereas in Mexico they can spend half the amount of money.

Currently, dental clinics in Mexico are following rigid protocols against COVID-19, so that tourist patients can visit with full confidence and security that they will be treated safely and with the highest quality dental care treatments.

How do dental clinics prepare?

Undoubtedly, the whole world has had to adapt to a new normal, as COVID-19 seems likely to be with us for some time to come. With this in mind, clinics and hospitals have implemented standards and protocols to provide patients with the necessary safety to be able to be treated without feeling uneasy. Thanks to this, dental facilities in Mexico were among the first to offer dental services again.

Some of the destinations where most tourists travel for treatment are: Tijuana, Mexicali, Nogales, Los Algodones, Nuevo Progreso and Matamoros. But among these places, a dental procedure with a dentist in Tijuana is usually more popular, being a city that borders San Diego, one of the most important cities in the United States, and also thanks to the fact that the clinics offer quality services, have the best in technology and their prices are very affordable.

To guarantee that the patient will be given the best, in order to ensure that he or she can regain confidence, each clinic informs them of the care they should follow. In addition, other measures are taken to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19, such as the use of antibacterial gel and masks.

One other thing that is done is keeping the facilities clean and ventilated, with the help of special cleaning equipment. By implementing all COVID-19 protocols, clinics and hospitals ensure that they are creating a safe area for any patient.

Main advantages of being treated in Mexico

We all know that medical procedures are very expensive for most Americans, since this kind of services are usually so. In Mexico the same services are offered with equal or even in many cases better quality, but at much more affordable price.

Quality dentists

In Mexico it is much more accessible to study a career in dentistry, it is even very common the existence of scholarships and special exchange programs. Thanks to this, many dentists finish their studies abroad, or complement their studies in foreign countries. But even without the need to travel, Mexico has high quality dentists.

Besides, being such a high-demand career, it is natural that there are very good dentists; there are even recognized dentists in and out of Mexico, working at the border.

Safe treatments

Most dental clinics in Tijuana have everything necessary to offer patients a good dental treatment. Some common dental issues such as crossbite, dental crowding and open bite can be treated in the best way. So in a short period of time, the patient will be able to see how their health is improving.

To ensure that the treatment provided to the patient is adequate, several studies are made, and taking into account the results, the service is provided. So at all times, the patient has the assurance that their oral cavity issues will be addressed.

Diverse activities

Not only can teeth be treated in Mexico, but also various activities can be carried out. Both in dental clinics as well as in the different establishments in Tijuana, the necessary norms are followed to avoid COVID-19 infections.

So if, in addition to treatment, the patient wants to go out to eat in a restaurant, take a walk in the mall or watch a movie at the cinema, he or she can do so with the assurance that strict protocols are being followed.

One of the best options in Tijuana

Although U.S. citizens can be treated anywhere in Mexico, Tijuana is one of the favorite cities for dental treatment. This is partly due to the number of dental clinics, but it is also because of the quality it offers and its proximity to the United States.

Within Tijuana, there are many clinics that can be an option for treatment, however, one of the best clinics is Dental 6th & E. We have as a priority to solve the different problems that may arise in the oral cavity of patients.

So we do everything in our power to give people a functional smile that is also beautiful. In a short time our patients can notice a positive change in their lifestyle, because not only the function of their teeth is improved. An aesthetic smile also gives people more confidence.

That’s why at Dental 6th & E, your health is our priority, so if you have already decided to travel to Mexico, you can treat with us.