The popularity of Tijuana dental care

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Inside and outside the Mexican Republic, more and more people decide to travel to Tijuana for the purpose of having dental treatments. Although the reasons that led to this decision are several, one of the main ones is the number of multidisciplinary teams of specialist surgeons that exist in Tijuana.

By specializing in different areas of Dentistry, the patient may receive the treatment they require to correct or improve their condition. In these types of clinics oral health is a priority, so preventive and corrective treatments are usually more accessible to patients.

In recent years, having a beautiful smile has become very important to most people. In order to achieve this, it must be taken into consideration what treatments does the person’s teeth need. 

High quality treatments

Today Mexico has become one of the most visited countries, due to the quality of dental treatments it offers. This is due to the priority of the Mexican Dental Association National Federation of Colleges of Dentist Surgeons, which has implemented several public policies, in order to improve the professional practice of dentists within Mexico.

These public policies have served a lot, not only so that the Mexican population can obtain greater access to quality dental services, but also for foreigners. For this reason, more and more people from other countries decide to be part of the dental tourism that visits Mexico every year.

To this we must add that, being close to the United States, Tijuana has become one of the most important cities in terms of dental tourism. This is partly due to the several services offered by dental clinics, as they are usually of equal or better quality than in other countries.

Variety of dental tourists

There are many patients traveling from around the world, in order to visit specialized clinics or a specific dentist in Tijuana. Also within the interior of the Mexican Republic, more and more people decide to visit Tijuana or even spend a few weeks in the city, in order to treat their condition.

Usually when we talk about dental tourism, we think of people who come from the United States, Canada or the interior of the Mexican Republic. The truth is that the quality of dentistry in Tijuana has reached other parts of the world.

It is becoming increasingly common to see people from Europe and Australia visit Mexico in order to have a dental procedure.

Certified professional

The truth is that not everyone can treat the conditions that the patient may have in the mouth, it is required to have the necessary studies. The dentist must have a bachelor’s degree in dentist surgeon, or have graduated with a degree in stomatology. 

It should also be taken into consideration that an orthodontist, in addition to having a bachelor’s degree, must study a 3-year postgraduate degree. In total, it can be said that an orthodontist studies for 9 years, since the degree lasts approximately 6 years.

Professional clinics in Tijuana usually have specialists in orthodontics and maxillofacial orthopedics, these services are often difficult to pay in other countries. The reason for this is that not just anyone can perform facial bone correction and dental position rectification.

It is also because of these characteristics that more and more people are looking for these services in Tijuana, but it is necessary to make sure to go with experts. As in any part of the world, there are people who may want to profit by performing medical treatment for which they are not prepared.

Avoid possible scams

To avoid this type of situation, it is recommended to see the permits and certificates that the clinic has to work with. As well as the certificates of the doctors who work in it, if the clinic is professional it will have the certificates at a glance and will also be able to show the before and after of some patients.

In case you live outside of Mexico, you can contact the clinic through its website and answer all your questions. As they are professional clinics, they will always seek to provide the patient with the best care to resolve any questions or concerns they may have.

The budget is more accessible

Undoubtedly this is one of the main features that has positioned Tijuana, as one of the most important cities, in terms of dental tourism. In countries like the United States and Canada, dental procedures are often quite expensive, especially when it comes to more complicated procedures, such as facial bone correction.

In Mexico, not only treatments that have the highest quality are offered, but also quite affordable costs are provided. Even treatments that are usually very common, such as orthodontics or a dental extraction, are usually quite expensive abroad, but in Mexico are affordable.

While dental treatments cost twice or even three times in other countries or cities, Tijuana Baja California has  affordable treatments. For this reason, before starting any treatment, the patient is asked a few questions and taking into consideration their budget and needs, a best treatment plan is offered to treat their case. 

The important thing for dentists is to find a solution to the problems that the patients may have inside their mouth. So, at the end of treatment, the patients can return to their country or city, with the assurance that they will be able to have a better quality of life and a healthy smile.

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