Which Is The Most Efficient Orthodontic Treatment?

orthodontic treatment

How does orthodontics work?

Orthodontics, an area of dentistry, is mainly in charge of studying, analyzing, and correcting errors in the teeth, such as the position of the jaw and teeth, among other irregularities in the mouth.

The need to use orthodontic treatment has gained more strength nowadays because many people are taking care of their dental health and, at the same time, their aesthetics. 

Not only do they limit themselves to requesting dental treatments such as teeth whitening or deep cleaning, but they also want a perfect smile, which is more than possible thanks to orthodontic treatment.

What types of orthodontics exist?

There are several orthodontic treatments, each with a slight change but the same functionality. Among these types of treatments, there are three that are the most popular:

  • Invisible orthodontics: Also known as invisible aligners, this orthodontic treatment is a modern way to align your teeth for a perfect smile. It works like a sleeve placed on the top or bottom (depending on each case) and gradually begins to make small movements to bring the teeth into place. This orthodontic treatment is a discreet way to fix the teeth because the material with which they are made makes them look seemingly invisible to the naked eye, making it increasingly sought after in orthodontics.
  • Orthodontics with brackets: Perhaps the most requested orthodontic treatment today. We all know a friend or family member who has these metals on their teeth, and even though it is a slightly more lengthy and, to a specific extent, thinner method, it is still one of the most requested orthodontic treatments. It tends to be a little more time-consuming because it is gradually moving the teeth into their proper position, but it is also the reason why its results are always more than positive.
  • Dental crowns: This type of orthodontic treatment is a little more special. Crowns are usually placed on people who have lost a tooth or have a tooth in very bad condition. Therefore, when a person attends a dental clinic to request a dental crown, an analysis of the state of your mouth should be performed first to see if it is suitable because to place a dental crown, you must first place a dental implant to support it.


Which one is better?

The question of ”Which orthodontic treatment is better?” has no definite answer. In the end, each orthodontic treatment has the same function: to align and correct certain irregularities of the teeth. Although they have specific differences, such as some are a little slower in the adjustment of the teeth or how each of the treatments works, they all end up giving favorable results for the patient.

To find out which orthodontic treatment you need, it is highly recommended to visit a dentist to analyze your jaw and the health of your mouth and, after the studies, determine which method(s) you need.

Although we are talking about more specific cases here, if you wish to request the use of braces or modern Invisalign, you are likely suitable for using these.

Where can I request this service?

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