The 15 Worst Foods For Your Teeth & Gums

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We all have heard that it is not good to eat a lot of candy because sugar can damage both teeth and gums. However, candy is not the only food that can affect the health of the mouth, in fact many of the foods that are commonly known as “healthy” can be harmful if consumed without measure.

Some of these foods are dried fruits and citrus fruits such as oranges or even tomatoes, so it is necessary to know which foods can be beneficial or harmful to your health. Although in this case we are going to focus on foods that can negatively affect the mouth.

Which are the most harmful foods for teeth?

Here are some of the most harmful foods for your teeth that you should avoid to maintain good dental health.

Soft drinks

It is no surprise that soft drinks are harmful to your overall health, but especially to your oral health. The large amounts of sugar they contain create acids that attack the delicate enamel of the teeth.

Although the idea of diet or sugar-free soft drinks may seem attractive, unfortunately it can be equally or worse harmful. This is because they contain their own corrosive acids, and even carbonated water, which has become very popular lately, also has similar properties.

Chewy candy

One of the main problems with chewy candies is that it is very easy for them to stick to the surface of the teeth. Candies such as gummies, chewing gum and sour candies end up leaving sugar residues between the teeth and gums, which are often very difficult to remove.


Nowadays vinegar is often used for many things besides salads, some people even drink it with water because they think it improves health. But all varieties of vinegar can damage the teeth, as its acids affect the enamel, it also promotes tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.

Citrus fruits

As we mentioned at the beginning, all citrus fruits can cause damage to teeth due to the amount of acid they contain. Therefore, although it is a healthy food, it is not recommended to consume it so often.


At this point we are not only talking about sweet cookies, but also about salty biscuits because the white flour they contain is converted into simple sugars. This makes it easier for bacteria to reproduce and it is easier to damage the teeth.


Like other beverages mentioned above, wine has acids that can affect tooth enamel. As a result, teeth may become yellowish, sensitive or even develop cavities.

Pickled food

One of the main characteristics of pickled foods is that they must be immersed in vinegar, yet, this is not all, in some cases they also contain sugars. So it is not advisable to consume them very often if you want to maintain good oral health.


Although it is a very nutritious food, it is not advisable to bite it fresh from the refrigerator because they tend to harden. Hard carrots can cause damage to teeth such as chips, cracks and breaks. To avoid this, it is best to chop the carrots.


One of the main characteristics of walnuts is their hard shell, in addition to the layers they have, this causes them to create tension in the teeth. It is even common for them to cause splinters and fractures in the teeth when you bite them hard.


It is true that ice is only water, but its solid state makes it too hard on the teeth. Therefore, chewing ice can cause teeth to chip or even fracture.

Black tea

Although black tea is considered one of the healthiest beverages for the body, its acidic properties rich in tannins can cause stains. These stains are difficult to remove, plus adding any type of sweetener can make it prone to tooth decay.

Dried fruits

This is another food that is commonly considered healthy, as it can provide many good nutrients. Unfortunately, they usually have added sugars, which end up damaging tooth enamel. Another thing to take into account is that their consistency is similar to that of chewy candies.

Sports drinks

This is one of the most common reasons why people go to the dentist in Tijuana, so it must be taken into account. Just like soft drinks, it is a beverage that can seriously damage teeth due to the added sugars it contains.

French fries

If french fries are already not very popular due to the amount of fat and salt they contain, their popularity is worsened by the starch. This is because it is converted into sugar once it is consumed, so it can cause tooth decay.


Soy sauce

Undoubtedly one of the most requested toppings in Asian food is soy sauce, however its consumption should be moderated, because it can generate stains on the teeth if consumed too much, especially on the front teeth.

As you can see there are many foods that if consumed without moderation can cause damage to your gums and teeth. For this reason, it is best to look for alternatives to our favorite foods or try not to eat them so often. That way it will be much easier to maintain good oral health.

In case you have any doubt about which other foods can be harmful or healthy for your mouth, you can consult us. At Dental 6ta & E we have your oral health as a priority, and that is why we have a team of experts ready to take care of any dental problem you may have.

In addition, our health professionals can guide you to know which foods you should avoid or reduce. As well as what foods can help you maintain whiter teeth and good dental health, you can make an appointment at any time and we will be happy to assist you.