Porcelain Crowns

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  I prefer porcelain crowns over the metal porcelain crowns because they don’t stain the tooth and the metal doesn’t start to show; the translucent ones looks more natural than the metal ones because these always look grayer.

  I’ve been offering porcelain crowns since I finished university. The last metal porcelain crown that I did was while I was still a student.

  These types of crowns are nothing new, the truth is they have been around for more than 20 years.  The reason that they haven’t offered them to you might be that the dentist may not be up to date on the modern materials that exist. In the past it wasn’t possible to offer porcelain crowns without the aid of metal because they would fracture, but because of technology and the advances of dentistry in computers, now they can make porcelain crowns this way. Besides, there are patients that prefer to avoid contact with metals because of health reasons,  therefore these types of crowns are a better option for them.

  You may come to think that changing your metal porcelain crowns for zirconia (which is a type of porcelain), have to be done in a few appointments, but really it only needs 2 visits to have your metal free crown.

  The Zirconia, Bruxzir, E-Max among others (all of these are porcelain brands), are lightly more expensive that metal porcelain crowns, but is an investment that is worth it considering that you will never start to see a gray margin on the edge of the crown, they are more aesthetic, there is no risk of toxicity due to its metal or smell, they last approximately around 10 years if you take good care if them and they have a more conservative preparation therefore maintaining your dental structure for longer time.