How to Take Care of Your Metal Braces

woman wondering how to take care of her metal braces

Dental braces are the best option for patients seeking teeth alignment with positive results. This traditional method is highly recommended for those teeth that need a lot of care and dedication.

Despite being the most commonly used method, many patients are unaware of or do not consider the care that metal braces require for them to function better and avoid complications during their use.

Correct care of the metal braces will increase their period of use and avoid any complications in the mouth’s health.

That is why if you have undergone this procedure or are about to experience it, it is necessary to know the correct way to keep these orthodontics devices in good condition so that teeth are straightened, and oral health is improved.

Eating with Braces

Eating with metal braces at first is a somewhat uncomfortable experience because dental braces are prone to storing food between the brackets and the teeth. In addition, during the first few days, you will likely experience some pain, which may prevent you from chewing certain foods with the same force. This is why it is necessary to follow a braces diet.

Some foods that should be avoided during the first weeks may be sticky (chewing gums, candies, sweets), crunchy foods (toast, crackers, nuts, popcorn), or certain types of meats such as red meats or dried meats.

On the contrary, some braces-friendly foods are highly recommended for patients who have just put on metal braces, such as purees or soups, as these do not need to be chewed to be ingested. Fish is recommended as long as it has been baked or cooked. On the other hand, some other foods that can be easily consumed are legumes, potatoes, rice, or pasta.

Cleaning Your Metal Braces

Good tooth brushing is essential so that food debris is not stored between the teeth or between the metals. An electric toothbrush is very effective and covers more surface area than a regular toothbrush. In addition, electric toothbrushes make gentle and specific movements that do not damage the metal braces, while at the same time, they avoid causing any pain to patients.

Another tool that works perfectly for brushing metal braces is the interdental brush. This tool with cone-shaped bristles helps and facilitates cleaning under the orthodontic arch; for proper braces cleaning, it is placed between the teeth to break down the bacteria that accumulates on the sides of the teeth.

Other complements that work perfectly to keep oral hygiene in good condition are using mouthwash and waxed dental floss to eradicate any trace of food and eliminate bacteria.

Dealing with Discomfort

As mentioned above, the first time patients are fitted with metal braces, they experience pain or discomfort for the first few weeks. Fortunately, there are very simple ways in which this type of pain can be alleviated.

One of the most effective and common methods to deal with braces discomfort are cold foods and drinks since their cooling effect reduces the inflammation they may cause in the gums. In these cases, some cold foods that can be consumed are yogurts and ice cream.

Analgesics are also an effective way to reduce the pain caused by metal braces; however, if these discomforts worsen or do not diminish, it is necessary to go immediately to the dentist for a check-up.

Other complications, such as ulcers or sores, may be caused by the braces and mouth friction. In this case, it is necessary to use orthodontic wax on those parts of the appliance that cause discomfort.

Maintaining Your Braces

It is necessary to see the dentist during previously scheduled visits to perform good braces maintenance. In this way, the dentist can perform braces adjustment if necessary, as well as prevent future problems that these braces may cause.

Regular visits to the dentist also play an important role in the patient’s health, as this can prevent disease or any type of complication in the future.

If you do any type of sport that requires contact, it will be necessary to use a mouth guard. In general, it is not recommended that patients play sports during orthodontic treatment, especially for those who practice boxing or any martial art since they are more likely to receive blows to the face or mouth, which can have consequences such as wounds inside the mouth that generate bleeding or the fall of a dental retainer.

Take Care of Your Dental Braces

Caring for and maintaining metal braces in good condition will depend as much on how well the dentist’s instructions are followed as on the other aspects already mentioned. However, suppose any type of complication occurs. In that case, it is necessary to go to the dentist first to have some orthodontic check-ups to deal with these complications as soon as possible.

Likewise, eating properly and brushing your teeth correctly will not only guarantee that the metal braces will remain in good condition and last for much longer, but it will also guarantee much more appropriate dental health, making sure that during this process, you do not have any type of significant disease such as cavities.

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