Is it safe to go to Mexico for dental work?

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In the past, the idea of ​​visiting Mexico to only go to the dentist could sound like something strange. However, things change and something that before could be heard as something strange has become a reality for many tourists.


Before the only reasons for visiting Mexico were for its rich culture, its beaches, cities, and gastronomy, but in recent years the quality of dental services has become another reason. It is because of this quality that foreigners decide to travel to cities like Monterrey or Tijuana. However, whether Mexico is safe is something that worries many people.

Safety in times of COVID-19

Since the appearance of the SARS COV-2 virus, life has not been the same, and as it is a virus that spreads easily, it is easy to get infected if the main hygiene measures are not taken. For the same reason, it is understandable that people are afraid to go to the dentist, as there will be a time when the patient will not be able to use their mask.


Since the pandemic began in Mexico, professional clinics began to take measures to prevent infections and ensure the well-being of patients. Some of these measures are ventilation, cleaning, and disinfection of common areas, the use of mandatory face masks, sanitizer, and temperature measurement.


In this way, the patient should not worry about traveling to Mexico to go to the dentist, since all the recommended protocols are followed.

A safe area for tourists

One of the doubts that tourists have is about the index of insecurity that exists in Mexico. The truth is that it cannot be denied that, as in any other part of the world, there are malicious people who seek to profit in a bad way. Fortunately, the government has implemented strategies to fix this problem.


It is thanks to that, that today many tourists feel safe traveling to Tijuana, because they know that the areas they will visit are the safest. Near the dental clinics, they can find a wide variety of places to visit, buy souvenirs or even go to taste the typical food.


Also, if necessary, they can find a comfortable place to stay and rest from the dental procedure. All with the peace of mind of knowing that they are in a safe place.

Wellbeing comes first

Although dental tourism that comes from abroad to Mexico is from all over the world, a large part comes mainly from the United States. Taking this into consideration, professional clinics look for alternatives to make the trip safer and less tedious for patients.


In professional clinics such as Dental 6ta & E, we offer a free shuttle service, which takes patients from the border or airport to the dental office. This not only helps tourists get to their appointment on time but also gives them the peace of mind they need because they will feel safe at all times.


Another advantage of this class of services is that they are usually easy for patients to identify, as the driver wears a special uniform, which shows the logo of the clinic. Also, the car that will transport the patient also has the clinic’s logo placed on the side doors.


This kind of service makes it much easier for tourists from the United States to travel to Mexico to see a dentist in Tijuana.

Permits and certificates

Tijuana is known for being one of the cities with the most health professionals, even sometimes it is difficult to choose from many private clinics and hospitals. However, one of the things that most characterize the clinics of Tijuana is their level of professionalism.


Patient safety comes first, so only certified professionals work in dental clinics. It is even common for many of these clinics to have a treatment guarantee, which guarantees the patient that they will be able to obtain quality care. 


For a clinic to offer this kind of service, it must have all the required permits, as well as a team of experts. For this reason, permits and certificates are some of the most important things you have to take into consideration when you are choosing a dental clinic in Tijuana.

Affordable budget

One of the reasons why dental treatments in Mexico are more affordable is because of the exchange rate. An affordable budget does not mean that the treatment is not safe for the patient, on the contrary, in Tijuana most of the treatments are of good quality.


However, if it is normal to doubt if the budget requested is too low, since otherwise, you run the risk of falling into a scam. Well, although it is safe to treat yourself in Mexico, not all dental clinics are professional, so it can be risky to look for only the cheapest prices.


To avoid this kind of inconvenience, the most advisable thing is to request the services of a recognized clinic such as Dental 6ta & E.

A good clinic 

At Dental 6ta & E, we offer accessible services, and we accept most of the dental insurance plans of the United States. We also offer a long-term guarantee on most of our treatments, it is only necessary to talk about the guarantee before starting any treatment to reach an agreement.


Over the years at Dental 6ta & E we have managed to become one of the best dental clinics, not only in Tijuana but also in all of Mexico. Patient safety is the most important thing to us, so we have everything you need to ensure that you will have an excellent experience.


The patient will be safe at all times and to ensure that their recovery is faster and more comfortable, we use the most advanced in technology equipment. In this way, the patient can access the most advanced dental treatments.


Schedule an appointment with us so we can provide you with the best dental care. We are located in the border town of Tijuana, near the city of San Diego. We have the most qualified dentists, so you can be sure we will provide the best dental care.