I need to get my teeth aligned! What is the best option for me?

person with braces

Sometimes we do not realize how important is the role that a beautiful smile plays in people’s lives, and thinking about cosmetic procedures comes at last. In the specific case of receiving orthodontic treatment, people often hesitate if it’s worthy because these procedures are in some cases very expensive. But let’s face it, getting braces not only helps self-esteem which is key in one’s confidence; it has plenty of benefits for overall health.

Many people in the U.S. and Canada did not have the chance of taking care of their teeth at a young age, because of the extravagant costs of Dental Clinics in their local options. Fortunately, now hundreds of patients have found an affordable alternative. Getting braces in Tijuana represents savings of thousands of dollars.

If you are traveling abroad for dental work you need to know that it is safe for you. Besides the attractive cost of dental care in Mexico, Tijuana boasts highly reputable dentists, orthodontics, and medical staff who offer high-quality treatments. Dental Clinics in Mexico guarantee their work for years and you can compare it with the quality care that patients expect from Americans or Canadian dentists.

Types of braces pros and cons

Structures are for children and cosmetics are for adults and teenagers. At any stage, they provide a lot of benefits; they can prevent some common diseases, tooth decay, cavities, or even injuries since they strengthen, align and space out teeth. Misaligned teeth can also be a problem for digestion because the teeth are not strong enough to chew food properly.

They work by exerting pressure on teeth and moving them to the correct position. This is a periodical procedure, they would need to be adjusted by an orthodontist every 4 to 6 weeks; which means that as a patient you will have to schedule appointments month by month during the treatment to make the required consultations and adjustments, eventually the pressure will correct the alignment of the teeth.

Distance should not be an issue, dental clinics usually offer help and shuttle services from and to the border.  Anyhow, once the treatment plan is discussed, the staff can advise you on the travel requirements and the options of dental treatment you can get depending on your specific situation.

The cost of them depends on the kind of treatment you need and the length of this. On average, patients require the treatment for about 2 years, and then they need to wear a retainer to maintain the corrected position of teeth. 

These are some of your options:


These are the traditional ones that we usually remember from childhood, new technology and improvements in materials have made them much less noticeable than they used to be. Since they are the most common ones they are also the cheapest you can find. This type is popular among young patients who choose colorful rubber brands.

The disadvantage is for people who do not feel comfortable showing them since they are very visible and also, they are often difficult to clean.


The design of these is similar to the traditional ones and is as effective as metal braces. However, the material used is transparent ceramic instead of metal which makes them more discreet to the sight. As well as with regular ones the patient can choose the wires to be white, colored, or transparent. 

This type is a bit fragile and more expensive than traditional metal ones.


This works the same way as the others, they use wires to gradually move your teeth into the correct position, the difference is that, unlike regular ones, lingual ones are placed on the inner surface of teeth, which makes them invisible. 

This at the same time being the best of its advantages can be a disadvantage because they might be hard to clean. Not many dentists are prepared to successfully apply this technique which makes it difficult to find a local dentist willing to continue the process in case you are not able to return to Mexico for the ongoing treatment.


Invisalign is a good alternative. These procedures are invisible aligners made of thermoplastic material and are custom-made for each patient. The orthodontist should be very skilled to design a removable brace consisting of a plastic plate and wires called “SmartTrack” specially made for each patient. It applies gentle pressure on the teeth, moving the teeth the same way as traditional ones.

These aligners need to be changed every week or so, but the good thing is that after making the studies your doctor can mail you a set of numbered clear aligners, so this can be a one visit treatment, which makes it a great option for patients coming from Canada or further.

This option is usually the most expensive.

Now that you have all this information in hand, is your choice structural or cosmetic? fixed or removable?

Dental 6ta & E together with our experienced team of dentists we are ready to assist you and give you proper treatment that best suits your needs.