How much is dental work in Tijuana?


For most people, it is evident that one of the things that should consider before dealing with dentists is the experience. They must be professional, with sufficient skill and technique to provide an excellent service, although this is only one of many requirements.

They must also possess advanced knowledge in dental treatments and updated technology, ensuring that their procedures will be faster and more effective; however, the cost of dental services is also a factor that should be considered.

How expensive is a dental treatment in Tijuana?

Fortunately for both the population of Tijuana and the foreigners who come to seek various medical services, most clinics usually offer competitive prices in comparison to the costs in the U.S. The difference can be pretty significant.

Although the services offered are the same as those provided in the U.S., the price difference is enormous. In most cases, Canadians and Americans save up to 70% on dental treatment in Mexico.

But, even though the costs are more affordable, this does not mean that the quality is inferior to what is offered in the United States. Specialists work in several health fields in Tijuana, and one of the main specialties is the field of dentistry, where highly qualified experts work.

Dentist in Tijuana prices are more affordable for patients because of their difficulty obtaining a good dental plan. In the United States, having a good dental plan sometimes makes the cost of treatments easier to afford, but treatments are complicated if you don’t have one.

Unfortunately, many of the U.S. population do not have this service, so they have to look for other alternatives.

Is Tijuana an ideal option for tourists?

Every year, hundreds of tourists from all over the world visit Tijuana to get an aesthetic smile that reflects the beauty and good health and is also fully functional.

Because of this, in a short time, the city has seen the need to adapt to the requirements of foreign visitors. As a result, in addition to obtaining good attention, they can feel comfortable and safe when visiting the city to treat their conditions. 

Moreover, one patient’s needs may differ from those of another. That is why in Tijuana, you can find a wide variety of professionals trained in different branches of dentistry, such as orthodontics or pediatric dentistry.

In other words, Tijuana is an excellent alternative for foreigners regarding health treatments. Especially in dental treatments, they will always be able to find an expert who can attend to the different needs that an elderly adult or a small child may have.

Another strong point we mentioned before is the advanced equipment and technology in dental treatments. Although clinics in Tijuana usually manage affordable prices, dentists work in clinics and dental laboratories with state-of-the-art technology. 

Which are the most requested treatments?

Due to the difficulties commonly found in successfully carrying out a dental treatment abroad, it is easier for tourists to be treated in Mexico. Therefore, in addition to requesting treatments to improve their health, they often ask for services that can enhance their aesthetics.


In addition to correcting the way you chew and helping you achieve good dental health, orthodontics in Tijuana helps you have a beautiful smile. Through this treatment, teeth can be straightened and, at the same time, treat conditions such as bruxism.

Dental implants

For tourists, it is often difficult to afford the cost of a dental implant in their home countries; that is why more and more people are requesting this kind of service. Through dental implants Tijuana, it is possible to replace a natural piece; besides, they look natural thanks to the dental crowns Tijuana used. That’s why this treatment is the closest thing to a real tooth.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are a cosmetic procedure that allows you to obtain white and aesthetic teeth quickly. That is why they are usually in great demand when you want to improve your appearance.

Quality and price

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect place for all members of our family to access dental services. That’s why Dental 6ta & E focuses on all areas of oral medicine. Our services range from general dentistry to specialized care.

At Dental 6ta & E, we offer a wide variety of dental treatments at affordable prices, helping our patients complete their treatment successfully. So whether you are looking for cosmetic dentistry or require a specialist in traditional therapies, we can help you.

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