Endodontics or also known as root canal treatment.

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What is endodontics?
It is the science in charge of the study of histophysiopathology of pulp tissue and the repercussion to periapical tissues. It is known as the act of removing damaged pulp tissue from the root canals with its subsequent filling and sealing of the cavity.
The pulp is a specialized loose connective tissue, located in the central part of the teeth, just where the blood vessels that feed the nerves are concentrated.


How it is performed?
It does not take much time to perform it, the procedure done by your dentist in Tijuana consists of the following steps:
-An xray of the tooth to be treated is taken to be able to know with certainty the degree of involvement of the dental pulp.
-block the local nerve of the affected area to reduce pain.
-The procedure of cleaning the root canals is performed, thus removing the damaged dental pulp.
-It is sealed with biocompatible materials that prevent the filtratioin of bacteria.
-If it is necessary to place a crown, fiberglass posts are placed in such a way that they give resistance and retention to our dental piece.
-Once the core build up is done, the tooth is prepared to receive the Crown, made to measure the shape and color of your natural teeth.
-With this the pain is eliminated, you do not lose your tooth and preserve the appearance of your teeth.


What are the benefits?
-Save the dental piece.
-Elimination of dental pain.
-Elimination of the infection (if the piece presents it).
-It is compatible with the body.
-Preserve your smile and your oral health.