What dental diseases can I have if I don’t go to the dentist?


It is not only enough to maintain good hygiene in order to have a proper oral health, it is also necessary to take into account other aspects, such as lifestyle habits, if the patient attends dental checkups periodically and the types of food that are usually consumed.

Not having regular dental checkups can be extremely harmful to the overall health of the patient. It is even common that in these cases patients have to face serious situations such as: suffering constant pain, requiring complex treatments, or even losing one or more dental pieces.

Most common issues with not going to the dentist

Missing dental visits can lead to various types of problems, both in health and financial terms, since it will be necessary to invest more money in repairing the damage suffered.

Dental cavities

Undoubtedly, tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems in children and adults and it is one of the main causes for tooth loss. In that sense, the benefit of going to the dentist is that by detecting cavities in time, they can treat them to prevent further expansion, even in many cases a filling is enough.

For cases in which the cavities are very advanced, it is usually more complicated to treat the patient, often requiring root canals, and in extreme cases it may also be necessary to extract the tooth.


Gingivitis can be treated correctly if it is detected in time, allowing the patient to have a normal life. Unfortunately, if it is neglected, it can seriously affect the patient’s health, as it can develop into periodontitis and teeth can end up being lost.

Another thing to take into account about periodontitis is that it has been related to various diseases in the rest of the body, some of these illnesses are cardiovascular and in many cases these are problems that could be prevented with regular dental checkups.

Damaged teeth

It is very common that patients with fractures and cracks in the enamel of the teeth arrive to the dentist in Tijuana, in many cases it is due to accidents caused by chewing very hard foods such as ice or nuts and in other cases it is due to minor injuries that are not taken care with the necessary attention.

If this situation occurs and you do not go to the dentist, the probabilities of developing some type of infection increase and depending on how developed it is, it can cause severe pain and even the loss of a tooth or more teeth.


Bruxism is a condition that usually occurs unconsciously, while patients sleep, this condition damages the enamel, fractures the teeth, causes severe pain and in many cases can alter the jaw and also is often the cause of migraines.

This disease is usually associated with stress problems, so it is necessary to visit the dentist to detect it and reduce the damage. The dentist will check the patient and provide a treatment that can minimize its effects, and depending on the case it may require an unloading splint.

Oral cancer

One major characteristic of oral cancer is that it can occur in basically any part of the mouth, including the tonsils, tongue, salivary glands and soft tissues, and some of the main symptoms are dry mouth, swallowing problems, difficulty chewing and sore throat.

Oral cancer is commonly caused by bad habits such as cigarette smoking, chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol, although it can also occur for other reasons.  It is very common in men and older adults, so it is necessary to visit the dentist to detect it in time.

Bad teeth position

There are times when teeth do not grow correctly, in some cases this is due to genetic inheritance, in other cases due to bad habits, but no matter what the reason is, as long as it is detected in time, an adequate plan can be created to treat and solve this problem.

In some cases it is possible that the dentist may suggest orthodontics as part of the treatment to correct the bite, however, there are cases in which it is advisable to wait a while to begin treatment, like when patients are children who are still growing.

In these cases, alternatives are often suggested so that the teeth can continue to grow without the bite continuing to deviate.

How can I improve my oral health?

Try to avoid sugary and carbonated drinks, avoid eating foods with a lot of sweet or added sugar, reduce your alcohol consumption and quit smoking or chewing tobacco, that way it will be easier to avoid the proliferation of bacteria inside the mouth, in addition to other damage they can cause.

Avoid clenching your teeth in case it is a habit that you normally do when you feel stressed or tense because of some kind of situation.


If you practice contact sports, then try to use mouthguards, since if you do not use them it will be easier for your teeth to be damaged by some kind of fracture.

Start your dental treatment

At Dental 6ta & E, we know that going to the dentist is not always easy, but we recommend you to go at least once a year to maintain good health and avoid any type of oral disease.

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