Implantes Dentales

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This is one of the better solutions, safe, more durability and gift the more natural look.

These are placed not only for aesthetics, to have a smile, but also for the functionality to keep maintaining you bite, as well a perfect oral health.


What is a dental implant?

There are two types of material that are used to make dental implants, both being highly bio compatible, these are zircon and titanium.

The implant is a cylinder usually titanium (material most used) that is screwed inside the bone.

There are different sizes, these depend on each case and on the area of the mouth which it will placed, that type of tooth that we want to replace; they are from 3mm to 6mm wide and 5mm to 15mm long.

Since what we are trying to do with the implant is replace the root of the tooth.


Who is an implant placed?

A perforation of the same size that the implant will be is made, normally without doing any damage to the bone. All of this is done under anaesthesia, that can be local or sedation, it all depend on the patient’s decision.

After doing the perforation the implant is placed with a certain pressure that will stimulate the bone so that it can star growing around the implant, this wills take a 2 to 3 months approximate.

After this a appointment is made to place and abutment, that stay around 15 days to a month after, so that the gum can have the form to take the final impression to put the crown or bridge.


What types of crown exist?

There are 2 types of crowns, which are placed on implants, before crowns were cemented, but if it got a fracture o loose, you would have to change the crown and the abutment.

That one that are used now are screwed on crown over the implant, this will avoid that in case there is a problem with the crown or the abutment, both don’t have to be replace.

There for individual crowns can be place or place various implants to serve as pillars to be able to place a bridge. There also exists the option complete denture over implants.

In this option 4 to 8 implants are placed to be able to support them.

When an implant is place you have to have in mind that sometimes it is necessary to add bone in some areas, this implies and additional cost as well extra appointment.

That’s why it is important to contact a professional so he can give you a diagnosis of which would be the treatment and the best material you need.


If you have any questions of the types of dental crowns, and which one is the best for you we invite you to contact us.