Appointments on Sundays


We Are Now Scheduling Appointment for Sundays

Does a tooth ache follow a schedule? Does it happen only on weekdays, from 9 to 5? We all know that’s untrue. So that was enough reasons for us to offer dental appointments on Sundays. Dental concerns can occur at any moment on any day. An inflammation that swells up or a sudden pain. Or it can be something routine as a dental cleaning, a check up or even if you just want to know if your dental insurance covers in Tijuana, you are welcome to call, email or stop by to schedule an appointment for any Sunday.

We pay attention when our patients tell us that Sunday is there only day off, or that’s the only day they can come to Tijuana. Our office is now scheduling appointments for Sundays. We respect and value your time; we understand that for a Sunday afternoon in Tijuana, you rather be shopping that our dental office, that is why we are only seeing patients with scheduled appointments (no walk ins on Sundays).

See you really soon!