First Time Dental Assessment Is Free on Mondays

free monday

When we accept a new patient to our office, we like to know what their problem is and what they are expecting from us and in order to do that we need to do our initial dental assessment which includes x rays, dental chart, gum pocket probing and dental consultation. If you schedule your assessment on Monday this is done without a cost to you (it includes one x ray) and it’s the first step to get your dental treatment on the go. In this consultation we will also provide a dental estimate and treatment plan for the areas of concern.

You are welcome to call, email or stop by to schedule an appointment for any Monday. Ask us how much is to upgrade for a complete dental x ray series (12 x rays in total) in order for us to give you an estimate and treatment plan to take care of all your mouth, meaning that we will break down the amount of appointments needed to complete your work, what we will do on each one and the expected payment each time you visit us.

See you really soon!