Cellular Salts for Healthier Gums

Our body is formed from 12 basic cellular salts. The cellular salts of Schuessler are very good to strenghten the gums and the teeth when treating periodontal disease, gingivitis, periondontitis or after an oral surgery. I recommend the calcarea fluorica and the calcarea phosphoric: In Hyland’s brand you will find it as #1 and #2…

Oral Rinses

I like to work without fluoride and I suggest that the toothpaste be free of it. And I give the same recommendation when it’s about oral rinses. The characteristics of a good oral rinse is that it doesn’t contain preservatives, preferably that it doesn’t contain folic acid, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10, flavonoids and natural herbs…

International Academy of Oral Health and Toxicology

On this page you will be able to find information about controversial matters between biological and traditional dentistry. Being an academy they accept members. Their motto is “show me the science”. www.iaomt.com

PUBMED: a scientific source of information

Web page where only scientific articles are published. Here you will find related subjects like: amalgams and mercury, amalgams and cancer, diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease among others. Its contents are indisputable, since they are merely scientific. www.pubmed.gov

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