The Top 10 Benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners for a Perfect Smile

benefits of invisalign Clear Aligners

Choosing one of the many options available for aligning your teeth is one of the most challenging decisions, especially if you are new to dental health.

Although, in the end, all of these types of aligners offer the main benefit of correctly positioning the teeth, it is their time and procedure that makes one option more feasible than another.

Such is the case with invisalign, a new and improved way to have the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

The benefits of invisalign go beyond the correct positioning of each tooth, so it is important to know this wide variety of advantages when choosing this option over the others.


Benefit #1: Aesthetics

Unlike other methods to align teeth, invisalign, as the name implies, are braces that, once placed on the teeth, will not be noticeable to the naked eye, giving a more discreet appearance than other procedures.

This is one of the benefits of invisalign since patients often request another method, such as braces, and, once placed, feel insecure when smiling because they consider that these traditional braces are not aesthetically pleasing.


Benefit #2: Comfort

Since they require metals and rubber bands, it is possible that, in addition to generating intense pain in the patient, it is hard to perform daily activities.

From talking to eating solid food, it will take a long time to recover effectively. After a few months after the teeth have finally adapted to these appliances, it will be possible to continue these activities normally.

Fortunately, comfort is part of the benefits of invisalign because they are custom-fitted to the mouth, with ready-made edges and a comfortable fit.


Benefit #3: Improved Oral Hygiene

Getting traditional dental aligners involves following rigorous instructions regarding oral hygiene and nutrition because, at first, since you cannot chew food, you will have to eat soft or liquid foods that prevent you from moving your mouth.

This also impacts dental hygiene since special appliances are needed for tooth brushing.

This is not a problem with the invisalign since they can be removed from the mouth when you need to chew some food or when you need to perform an effective tooth brushing.


Benefit #4: Predictable Results

Another benefit of invisalign that other methods do not have is that you can get accurate results in advance.

In the use of traditional methods, it is necessary to make periodic visits with the dentist so that he can verify that everything is in order, and you have to estimate how long it will take to have the teeth aligned and, with invisalign, simulations can be done to know this result.

The simulations also allow adjusting this aligner so that patients do not have any inconvenience when placing or removing it whenever they want.


Benefit #5: Convenience

This benefit is linked to the above. Having a custom-made aligner means fewer trips to the dentist since you won’t need adjustments or too many checks on how your teeth are aligning.


Benefit #6: Safe and Non-Invasive

With traditional methods, it is very common for teeth, wires, or rubber bands to break when making an improper movement or chewing forbidden food. These braces are dangerous because they generate intense pain in the patient, from the teeth to the gums and other areas in the mouth.

Invisalign does not damage the structure or the gums of the mouth; on the contrary, their design has a priority to avoid risks and injuries when placed or detached. Their material has a certain degree of flexibility to give patients better handling and control over these aligners.


Benefit #7: Suitable for Various Dental Issues

Continuing with the benefits of invisalign, you can find that it does not have an age restriction, unlike the traditional methods, since children, youngsters, adults, or seniors have the privilege and freedom to select this method over the others.

The benefits of invisalign are not only subject to improving and aligning the teeth of the mouth, as these are even responsible for solving various dental problems.


Benefit #8: Cost-Effective

In a summary of the benefits of invisalign, it has been mentioned on several occasions that requesting this procedure involves less frequent visits to the dentist for a dental check-up.

In terms of cost, invisalign is an economical alternative since you won’t need to spend money adjusting the bands as with traditional methods.

In addition to the fact that this procedure is highly personalized, most clinics offer different payment methods to prevent patients from making a large financial outlay that could jeopardize their financial health.


Benefit #9: Faster Treatment Time

The benefits of invisalign allow patients to save time regarding recovery, treatment, and results.

In addition, no special care is needed when these appliances are no longer necessary, so you can continue your normal activities while enjoying a perfect smile.


Benefit #10: Long-Term Oral Health

Thanks to the benefits of invisalign, you can rest assured that your oral health will improve. By aligning your teeth correctly, your toothbrush, dental floss, and mouthwash will get between your teeth more easily and effectively, removing tartar and bacteria.

Having an easier time brushing your teeth will have many advantages, such as reducing the risk of cavities or other types of tooth and gum disease.

Financial savings, guaranteed positive results and a painless procedure are the main benefits of invisalign, available to all patients who dream of having the perfect smile.

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