How to buy a toothbrush?

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Known as the primary tool for teeth brushing, the toothbrush has undergone several modifications over the years, some focused on aesthetics, and others on its improvement. 

Continuous tooth brushing helps to maintain oral health in optimal conditions. Good dental health implies that teeth have outstanding durability even over the years, preventing them from becoming yellowish and reducing the risk of suffering from dental diseases such as the famous cavities.

Preventing cavities is beneficial in the long term because, in addition to reducing the risk of losing a tooth or the immense pain they can cause once they reach the nerve, they prevent bad breath.

The relationship between oral health and toothbrushes is often closely linked. A toothbrush no matter how correct it is, a toothbrush wouldn’t have the same effect if done with a cheap toothbrush compared to a more functional toothbrush. That is why specific characteristics must be considered when selecting a toothbrush. But how to buy a toothbrush?

What Makes a Good toothbrush?

At the moment of purchasing a new toothbrush, most people are influenced mainly by the toothbrush’s appearance rather than by its main features. Aesthetics can refer to the colors if it has a famous character print, packaging, etc.

These characteristics should be put on the background, and given that, it is essential to have a functional toothbrush rather than an aesthetic one to achieve better results when brushing your teeth.

  • Toothbrush grip: Some stores sell toothbrushes made entirely of plastic, which, despite being a flexible material (in most cases), is not a firm material. Therefore, when it gets wet, the toothbrush may become slippery, which makes it difficult to hold at times. The recommendation is to acquire a brush with a rubber-like grip since, in addition to preventing it from becoming slippery when wet, it ensures a better grip and becomes more comfortable for the user to handle.
  • Tongue cleaner: Some innovative toothbrushes have a tongue cleaner on the back of the bristles. While this may sound highly innovative, it is not something that stands out from a conventional toothbrush. Cleaning the tongue can be accomplished with bristles and tongue cleaner, so there wouldn’t be much difference in that area. There are even dedicated cleaners exclusively for the tongue and with a more than effective result. Therefore, whether the toothbrush has a tongue cleaner or not is not a crucial feature to consider when choosing a toothbrush.
  • Dental bristles: It is recommended that the toothbrush has soft and flexible dental bristles to prevent the gums from getting hurt when brushing the teeth. Generally, when a toothbrush with stiff bristles is purchased, they tend to lose its shape after 2-3 weeks of use.

In some cases, patients wonder if these characteristics apply to electric toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes have their own features due to the different ways they are used, but some of them, such as the bristles, may be the same. Even so, as a clarification, electric toothbrushes tend to be used more by people who have arthritis or are older. However, this does not prevent anyone from using them, even if they have dental braces.

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