How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

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Sugary foods are usually present in the diet of most of us from a very early age, but without realizing it, these foods can damage the health of our teeth. Although it may indeed depend on more factors, the reality is that as soon as the first tooth begins to grow, tiny microbes appear.

These microbes will take advantage of the sugar residues in the mouth, turning them into acid. In turn, this acid ends up damaging the tooth enamel so that the first signs of tooth decay appear in a short time.

What can sugar do to your teeth?

In addition to cavities, sugar can lead to several other conditions in the mouth, such as periodontitis. This condition is characterized by damage to the gums and can affect the bones that support the teeth, resulting in them falling out over time.

Gum disease is also linked to an increase in heart disease and dementia. Therefore, dentists usually suggest avoiding sugar consumption and following some simple tips that can prevent oral health from being damaged due to an unbalanced diet.

Although it is essential to clarify that there are also good bacteria that help to have good digestion.

Tooth sensitivity is another problem that can arise due to excess sugar consumed. Moreover, diseases that develop from cavities, such as gingivitis, and large amounts of acid, can lead to tooth fractures.

How can sugar damage to teeth be prevented? 

Sugar-consuming bacteria that remain hidden between the teeth cause plaque; if the plaque is not removed, the tooth enamel begins to erode. If this problem is not treated in time, the decay can continue progressing, and eventually, the tooth may be lost.

Decrease sugar consumption

It is true that even if you do not consume added sugars, it is possible to develop cavities due to the sugar in food. However, avoiding sodas and energy drinks can help; avoiding sticky and sweet foods is also advisable.

Reducing carbohydrates is a great help since one of the characteristics of this kind of food is that they turn into sugar when consumed.

Drinking water

Water is a great help in removing food residue that remains in the mouth after eating. Dentists often recommend rinsing your mouth while eating and after consuming sweets.

Dental hygiene routine

To achieve good dental hygiene seems simple; it is necessary to know how to brush your teeth with a good technique. Consult your dentist about the proper way to brush your teeth. Using toothpaste containing fluoride is also recommended.

Dental floss is ideal for removing plaque between the teeth and thus reducing the most significant number of bacteria.

Visit your dentist regularly.

Sometimes cavities are pretty difficult to detect, as they are found in places where it is not always easy to see them with the bathroom mirror. But that’s one of the reasons why it’s essential to visit the dentist at least twice a year because a timely dental checkup can make all the difference in the health of your teeth.

When the dentist in Tijuana detects decay in its early stages, it is possible to treat the tooth to prevent further damage. Otherwise, without the patient realizing it, the decay will continue to advance until it causes severe damage to the dentin.

How to choose a good dentist?

Now you know how sugar affects your teeth and the damage it can cause if you do not visit the dentist regularly. However, it is essential to be treated by a good dentist, especially if you suspect the presence of cavities, because improper treatment may affect the tooth.

Must be certified

First, it is necessary to verify that they are health professionals with all the required permits to work. These permits are usually visible at a glance on the clinic’s website and inside the clinic’s facilities.

State-of-the-art technology

Advanced dental equipment combined with the latest dental treatments can significantly help provide good service to patients. It is also advisable to verify that the clinic accepts dental insurance, especially if you come from the United States.

Treatment guarantee

Another advantage for the clinic is to have a long-term treatment guarantee. As you know, Tijuana is a city full of professional clinics and qualified dentists waiting to treat you, so you can find the help you need in this city.

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