TJ (664) 900-6106 / SD (619) 488-2120

Av. Sirak Baloyan 1935, Zona Centro, Tijuana

Free Shuttle Service, to and From the Border


188c519e-472f-480a-a374-7efb2e77ef9eWe understand that going to the dentist can give you an uncomfortable feeling, and doing this in a different country can only add to the jitters. The inexperienced traveler can feel lost or disoriented when driving to Tijuana and who can blame him! Anyone can feel the same when traveling to a new city.

That’s why you now have the option of leaving your car at home, crossing the border by foot and we will pick you up right at Tijuana’s border! Once you have taken care of your documentation, continue on the boardwalk all the way to Tijuana’s sidewalk. Cross the street towards Super Farmacias Milenio and our driver will meet you there. He’ll be dressed in uniform with our logo stitch in his coat; our car will be a black Toyota 4 Runner with our name and logo at the side doors.

San Ysidro is the city right at U.S. border and you can find plenty of private parking lots if you are thinking of taking your car as far southbound as you are willing to drive (you should check their fees if your thinking of taking this option). Or park it at any trolley station north of San Ysidro, take the trolley south to the border and then cross by foot.

Once inside the Mexican Customs building, form a line at your right side under the sign that reads EXTRANJEROS / FOREIGNERS to get your free PERMIT SLEEP (If you are Mexican take the left line). It is highly recommended that foreigners get this Permit and avoid any trouble and, heck, it’s free. You can get a 1 day, 7 days or 21 days Permit. If you are thinking on coming twice per week, then that’s 2 Permits, not one 7 days Permit. To get this Permit you will be asked for your passport card or passport book (no green card, etc). If you don’t have it with you, more than likely you will just get a slap on your wrist, a verbal warning not to forget it on your next trip; but then again you might get a moody officer who can give you a hard time about it. It can be a really easy thing to do.

See you really soon!