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Dental 6ta & E represents the idyllic place for receiving dental attention in all areas of oral medicine, from general dentistry to specialist’s care, providing traditional therapies and alternatives treatments.
We provide a wide range of dental treatments, like Root Canals, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Teeth Whitening, Smile Makeovers and much more. Thanks to our experience and affordable prices, we are your best dentist in Tijuana.

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Dental 6ta & E provides dental treatments to the patient and the community with a biological approach in all its areas without forgetting the traditional principles.

Offers esthetic and restorative treatments with cutting edge materials and gives holistic options, keeping in mind that the tooth is an organ… Read more


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We are here to take care of the patient and offer oral health. This dental office was created to serve the patient and the community. You are cared for in a friendly and not hostile atmosphere focused on making you feel comfortable and without intimidation. Read More


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About Us

Dental 6ta & E is funded by the vision of dentists Ivonne Amezcua, Endodontist, and Walter De La O, Biological Dentistry/Orthodontist.



Dr. De La O begins to practice biological dentistry at Sanoviv Hospital and two years later he is promoted to Head of Dental Department where he carries out this function until the year 2013.


On this year Dr. Amezcua receives her degree as Endodontist Specialist. Dr. De La O is certified as Orthodontist and Maxillofacial Orthopedist by A.M.O.M.


Together they start Excelencia Dental, working on it for more than 7 years.


Dr. De La O begins the Orthodontics specialty and is certified as Orthodontics Specialist by I.D.A.P.
Dr. Amezcua and Dr. De La O fund Dental 6ta & E on September 2012 and this way offer better service to the patient, as well as continuing offering traditional and alternative dental treatments.

Experience in Oral Medicine

Dr. Walter De La O has more than 12 years practicing metal free dentistry and 10 years doing biological dentistry. He practiced at Sanoviv Hospital as head of the dental department from 2001-2013. He applies his knowledge in all the different areas that he masters standing out in the treatments of holistic dentistry, orthodontics and replacement of amalgam with resin combined with oxygen/ozone therapies.

Dr. Ivonne Amezcua has a wide knowledge of the anatomy of the root and the controversies that exists between traditional and biological dentistry in the treatment of root canals. She performs root canals with holistic protocols when it is specified and she is constantly bringing herself up to date.

Our Services




In orthopedics the treatment is achieved with the use of apparatus

Orthopedics is part of dentistry where the treatments can be done with removable or fixed apparatus. The ideal age to start is between 8 and 10 years old, but it can be done since age 3 eliminating habits, like sucking your finger, sucking your lip or tongue, mouth breather.
Unlike orthodontics, where brackets, arches and elastics are used as part of the treatment, in orthopedics the treatment is achieved with the use of a dental device.
With the use of retainers, dental and skeletal movements can be attained, which means problems that are related to the size and form of upper and lower teeth can be corrected this way altering the patience profile in a positive way. Usually brackets are used when finishing orthopedics.




Orthodontics is the use of brackets that are attached to the teeth and later an arch can be placed, which will achieve dental movements.

The brackets can be metallic, ceramic or porcelain. The elastics can be transparent or different colors. They are usually placed from age 16, although it can be from age 12. photos

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Invisalign in Tijuana


The Invisalign treatment consists of the patient begin fitted with a customized plastic aligner that moves and shifts one’s teeth back into position without the need of wires.

Unlike traditional braces, the Invisalign treatment provides much faster results, are more visually appealing, since they are virtually undetectable, and they do not cause any discomfort while eating or cleaning teeth.

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Root Canal



It’s the dentist duty to remove dental cavities when one exists on a tooth. If the cavity already invaded the dental nerve, the dentist will also get to the nerve one he removes it.

Faced with this situation there are only two options, tooth extraction, that is remove it along with its root, or the root canal.
Root canal means to remove the tooth’s nerves, clean the canals where they were and finish it filling them with medicine. This process can be done the traditional way or with a biological protocol.
It is important to know that once you finish with the root canal, a post has to be made, either metallic or ceramic, and finish rehabilitating the tooth with a crown.

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Having beautiful, white, cosmetic teeth is very important for oral health, self-esteem and overall appearance, especially if we are talking about upper and lower front teeth.

People whose teeth are stained, mottled, cracked or crooked can develop the habit of hiding their denture, covering their mouth with their hand as they speak, learn how to smile without showing their teeth or even drop into depression. In the past these types of problems could only be corrected with full crowns or orthodontic treatment. But now we have the advantage of doing dental Veneers or Lumineers.

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Digital X Ray



“… with the use of digital X Ray we are able to reduce the amount of radiation by 80%

The use of X Ray in dentistry is routine and, in certain cases, indispensable.
Even though the amount of radiation used in dentistry is minimal, with the use of digital X Ray we can reduce the amount of radiation by 80%. Read more




1 out of 2 Americans has periodontal disease

Periodontics refers to the illnesses that take place “around” the tooth that is, the gum, the bone and the ligament. These illnesses are known as gingivitis, periodontitis or periodontal disease and in most cases do not produce pain.
Periodontal disease is so aggressive that compromises the immune system 24 hours a day. Even though it is very frequent a lot of dentists are unaware that it must be treated before starting other treatments, like crowns or implants. In cases, where it is known that the patient is diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, circulatory or heart problems, it must be considered as a priority.
The key for controlling this illness is when the patient is more proactive with his dental hygiene at home. This is achieved with education on our behalf with the appropriate care of your mouth promoting the health area with natural remedies and products, and choosing the right vitamins and nutritional supplements as well as their quality.

Maxillofacial Surgery



… it is preferable that the maxillofacial surgeon performs the surgical procedure

It is preferable that oral surgeries are performed by the maxillofacial surgeon.
We are trained to do routine or not complicated dental extractions, but we also know how to recognize our limits in our capacities and judge when it is preferable that the maxillofacial surgeon performs the surgical procedure.
This way the procedure is faster and the healing and post operatory is better.
We offer intravenous sedation done by an anesthesiologist medical specialist. Unlike general anesthesia, with sedation the patient enters a semi-sleep state or unconscious with the ability to respond when he is spoken to.
Local dental anesthesia is also used. It has an additional cost and it depends on the age and state of health of the patient.

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… it is the closest you can get to replacing the lost natural tooth.

When someone loses a tooth, whatever the reason, he only has 3 options and the implant is one of them, followed by the fixed bridge and the removable bridge, without any order of importance.
With the implant you have the advantage that the teeth adjacent to the space aren’t reduced, it is something permanent not removable, esthetic and it is the closest you can get to replacing the loss of the natural tooth.

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Teeth Whitening



… obtain whiter tones in your teeth.

With teeth whitening you can eliminate stains, pigmentations and attain whiter tones in your teeth.
It is common to whiten only the 6 frontal upper teeth, in other words, from canine to canine. It is important to know that if there are resins or crowns in one of these teeth, these will not be whitened.

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Biological Dentistry


The easiest way to understand what biological dentistry is when you comprehend that the mouth is part of the body and that any treatment performed on it impacts the patient’s health.

The teeth are organs, the same as your heart and your liver, and every time we do a treatment on them, we are aware of the impression it can make on other areas of your body or of your health. That is why we work with biocompatible materials and with a holistic approach relying on natural remedies, vitamins and herbal therapy, oxygen—ozone therapy and, when necessary, on alternative and homeopathic doctors.

BioCybernetic Dentistry


Each one of our teeth represents a part of our being.

With these studies we can understand the dynamic there is between our teeth and other parts of our bodies.
The teeth are present since the first months of life and sometimes, since birth. In these organs, lessons learned, experiences and emotions are recorded that we acquire while we grow and develop. Each one of our teeth represents a part of our self.
We understand that the mouth cannot be treated as a separate part of the body. On the contrary, it forms an essential part of it. One cannot be healthy without taking care of their oral condition.
The oral treatments that we offer and perform are done with this in mind and have the finality to heal the whole body, not just the mouth.

Oxygen / Ozone Therapy

Ozone has been used in medicine since long ago and dentistry is not an exception. It is useful for treating gingivitis, periodontitis, healing after an extraction or dental surgery, root canals and infections.
It is an oxygenator, revitalizer and antioxidant. It is available in gas, ozonized olive oil and ozonized water.
It is important to know that, in dentistry as well as in medicine, each time that we talk about ozone therapy we are really referring to oxygen-ozone therapy (more than 99.98% is oxygen .02% is ozone) but for practical reasons we refer to it simply as ozone therapy.

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Dental Staff

Our staff covers a whole range of services for your dental health.


Welcome to our blog: Here you will find articles of interest for the care of your teeth and to have a beautiful smile.

Ozone Therapy

On August 1, 2015

Ozone is an allotropic form of Oxygen, that is known mainly for its part in the world’s ecological balance. It absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiations that come from the sun, preventing them to get directly to the Earth’s surface. In the Industry it is known for its antiseptic, deodorant and disinfecting properties.

In medicine it is known since the beginning of the last century in different modalities, and it has allowed to obtain unexpected therapeutic results.
The Oxygen-Ozone therapy is widely used in Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe and in Cuba. In the United States various private associations have begun several experimental works including AIDS. In Italy it was officially recognized in the year 1983, with the creation of Italian Scientific Association of Oxygen- Ozone therapy, and nowadays more than a thousand doctors use this treatment.

A mix of Oxygen (O 2) and Ozone (O 3) are used, where Ozone presents itself in a concentration of 30 times less compared to the industrial use.
In human medicine, the most used therapeutics concentrations of Ozone are in the range of 2 to 40 micrograms per cubic centimeter of Oxygen.
What is certain is that the beneficial therapeutic concentrations, are the lowest ones approximately in a relation 99.95 parts Oxygen and 0.05 parts of Ozone. According to the therapist’s experience and purpose for which the Ozone is used, a larger or smaller concentration will be applied, but always within the range 2 to 40 micrograms of Ozone/ cm 3 of Oxygen.

It has a strong germicidal activity against: anaerobic bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses.
Improvement of the metabolism of Oxygen.
Increase of the elasticity in red blood cells, allowing more penetration in microcirculation.
Increase in production, always at the red blood cell level, of 2.3 diphosphoglycerate, responsible for the transfer of Oxygen to the tissues.
It accelerates the use of glucose done by the cell.
It takes part in the metabolism of proteins.
Direct reaction with the unsaturated fatty acids transforming them into hydrosoluble compounds.


Lesions or infectious diseases, for its highly germicidal effect (bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal y antiparasitic).
Patients who are carriers of lesions with a bad or insufficient oxygenation of the tissues, whether it is because there is a vascular deficiency: an alteration of the vessels where oxygen is transported; or a poor blood and red blood cells quality. It increases the ability of oxygen absorption by the red blood cells and betters the oxygen transfer to the tissues. Ozone favorably stimulates the different cycles where oxygen is metabolized.
It modulates the biological oxidative stress, through the activation of enzymatic systems of antioxidant defense.
It has immunomodulation and immunorestoration properties. It collaborates with the strengthening of the immune system. Modulating effects of biological response were also found, that is, it moderates the response mechanism of its own biological self-regulation, to prevent strong reactions in more (excitatory) or less (inhibitory).
In human medicine (like in veterinary) successful treatments in pathology are verified with:
Pain in the musculoskeletal system (pain that can be set in: skin, subcutaneous cellular tissue, connective tissue, nerves, muscles, tendons, fascias, periosteum, bone, articulations, etc).
Patients with autoimmune processes (example: rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis; Sjögren’s syndrome, etc).
In mature or elderly patients (gerontes), adds a strengthening and revitalization sensation.

What is Biological Dentistry?

On August 1, 2015

Biological dentistry is to relate oral health with the rest of the body’s health. It is to recognize and have in mind that the mouth is part of the body. One cannot say that they are healthy without considering their oral conditions. Illnesses of the mouth, be it cavities, gingivitis or infections, are ailments that are in the body.

For some reason, in some part of history, modern or traditional medicine stopped recognizing this, dividing the oral care exclusively for the dentist and the body’s health to the doctor and this has taken us to controversial issues. Medicine and dentistry recognize that periodontal disease is related to heart disease, but it’s more difficult to understand the relation that exists between the mercury amalgams and your health. Mercury is the second most toxic heavy metal in nature; arsenic is the first. Even so, the amalgams contain 40%-50% mercury.

Current dental conditions and work done by dentists influence your health in different forms. When you resume these concepts one starts to practice “biological dentistry”.

Each time we take care of our patients, we have in mind the impact we can create in other parts of the body and due to this we choose biocompatible materials and our treatments are the least invasive possible. We offer detoxifying protocols, alternative therapies and we practice holistic dentistry preferring vitamins and homeopathic remedies over medicine; we are constantly keeping up to date in subjects of biological dentistry. Your path towards health (dental and bodily) begins with your first consultation with us.


On August 1, 2015


protandimOne of the best remedies I know to detoxify and help support the liver. This product is scientifically proven to reduce the level of oxidative stress in the body and this way contributing to general health.





On August 1, 2015


XylitolI always recommend xylitol. Is a nontoxic sugar substitute and with great oral benefits. It is used to sweeten coffee, tea, fruit drinks, cakes, etc. You can find it in powder, chewing gum, lollypops, mints and different candies and chocolates, even in toothpaste. Adults 4gr. daily, children 1gr. I constantly write about its benefits in my blog, twitter or Facebook. On this page you can find a variety of products.

And like always, I also recommend looking for it in amazon.





In my experience as a patient, I have experienced excellent care, the highest standard of care mixed with the highest standard of ethics. Ethics comes with holistic attention to the patient and to the planet through the practice of biological dentistry. The English language of Dr. De La O and Dr. Amezcua is excellent.
- Jude Gladstone Cade, Patient


All my amalgams were removed and they substituted them for mercury free material. I feel better and I look better!
- Paco Romero, Patient


Me encantó la limpieza, decoración y música de relajación lo cual hace el medio ambiente más relajado. Muy atentos, no hubo dolor en el proceso de mi atención. En la aplicación de la anestesia excelente. Definitivamente es un lugar 5 estrellas. Aparte son 3 doctores, cada se especializa en algo, y eso hace que tengas de todo en un solo lugar evitando ir a otros lugares si te recomiendan un tratamiento que a veces cualquier otro dentists que trabaja solo no ofrece. Ah, y tienen estacionamiento privado!
- Rosa Tejedo, Patient


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