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Getting the Perfect Smile with Dental Braces in Tijuana Mexico

On May 9, 2016

Everyone wants to have the perfect smile. Whenever you turn on the TV, you see actors and actresses flashing their toothpaste-commercial smiles while walking down the red carpet, whereas you just sit there with your uneven teeth and awkward smile. But these actors and actresses have all had work done on their teeth to achieve that perfect smile, which is something that is also within your reach.

One of the best ways recommended by dental care professionals for you to get that perfect smile is to use dental braces. Braces have been around for a long time, though what our ancestors used is more primitive than the ones available today. Archaeologists found Egyptian and Greek skeletons that have wire wrapped around their teeth, and in the 1700s, Pierra Fauchard used a horseshoe-like device to correct problems with a person’s bite. Since then, the technology used in orthodontics has not stopped making advances.

There used to be a time when people disliked the idea of putting on braces. Any patient whose dentist recommended them would cringe at the idea and perhaps refuse or come up with a silly excuse. The patient would be fearful of the whole treatment process and apprehensive of the dentist who would recommend it. Whether justified or not, it was a general sentiment at the time that metal braces were embarrassing and unsuitable, especially for older people. Another common complaint was the pain braces caused.

Chances are you already have a dentist that you go to for your dental care. However, a regular dentist isn’t equipped to handle problems like crooked teeth and uneven bites. This is why you need to consult someone specifically trained in orthodontics. An orthodontist is basically a dentist who has extra training when it comes to the use and application of braces and other orthodontic procedures.

As mentioned before, dental technology regarding braces is more advanced than mere wires wrapped around the teeth. The most common type of braces you can find is the metal ones, but there is also a gold-based option for those who are allergic to metals. If you feel self-conscious about metal in your mouth, you can also use clear aligners that are practically invisible when worn.

By using the best braces dentists have, you can not only look better than before, it can also improve your overall oral health. Straight teeth are easier to clean because the bristles of your toothbrush can reach between your teeth easier. Straight teeth can also improve your self-esteem.

The cost of the best braces varies depending on the dental problem that it will be treating and the type of material that will be used. You can talk to your insurance provider, or work out a payment plan with your dentist. Though braces can be a bit expensive, the results are well worth the cost.


Braces are meant to enhance the smile and to correct the poorly aligned teeth. Today, even adults opt for if, knowing that a perfect set of teeth is important to their career advancement, lifestyle and self esteem.

The merits of using Invisalign (available in September 2016)

The process involves the use of aligners that are clear and translucent. They are arranged in a series that makes them effective for their function. A salient feature is that they are removable, something that could not be done with the old metal braces. This means you can remove them when you are eating and put them back on after you have finished. This is a major attraction to patients who seek these devices. Another thing to consider is that you do not have to put up with wearing metal brackets and wires that stick out of your mouth like some kind of machine. No, it’s just the plain old you with a great new smile.

If you choose to go for Dental Brace, then it is important that you consult with a dentist in Tijuana Mexico that has the required expertise. At Dental 6ta & E, our orthodontic specialist will examine your teeth and determine which device will suit you. He will also work out a schedule for you on when to wear the aligners and when not to. Furthermore, he will show you how to wear the appliance so as to allow your teeth to adjust to it.

Ozone Therapy

On August 1, 2015

Ozone is an allotropic form of Oxygen, that is known mainly for its part in the world’s ecological balance. It absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiations that come from the sun, preventing them to get directly to the Earth’s surface. In the Industry it is known for its antiseptic, deodorant and disinfecting properties.

In medicine it is known since the beginning of the last century in different modalities, and it has allowed to obtain unexpected therapeutic results.
The Oxygen-Ozone therapy is widely used in Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe and in Cuba. In the United States various private associations have begun several experimental works including AIDS. In Italy it was officially recognized in the year 1983, with the creation of Italian Scientific Association of Oxygen- Ozone therapy, and nowadays more than a thousand doctors use this treatment.

A mix of Oxygen (O 2) and Ozone (O 3) are used, where Ozone presents itself in a concentration of 30 times less compared to the industrial use.
In human medicine, the most used therapeutics concentrations of Ozone are in the range of 2 to 40 micrograms per cubic centimeter of Oxygen.
What is certain is that the beneficial therapeutic concentrations, are the lowest ones approximately in a relation 99.95 parts Oxygen and 0.05 parts of Ozone. According to the therapist’s experience and purpose for which the Ozone is used, a larger or smaller concentration will be applied, but always within the range 2 to 40 micrograms of Ozone/ cm 3 of Oxygen.

It has a strong germicidal activity against: anaerobic bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses.
Improvement of the metabolism of Oxygen.
Increase of the elasticity in red blood cells, allowing more penetration in microcirculation.
Increase in production, always at the red blood cell level, of 2.3 diphosphoglycerate, responsible for the transfer of Oxygen to the tissues.
It accelerates the use of glucose done by the cell.
It takes part in the metabolism of proteins.
Direct reaction with the unsaturated fatty acids transforming them into hydrosoluble compounds.


Lesions or infectious diseases, for its highly germicidal effect (bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal y antiparasitic).
Patients who are carriers of lesions with a bad or insufficient oxygenation of the tissues, whether it is because there is a vascular deficiency: an alteration of the vessels where oxygen is transported; or a poor blood and red blood cells quality. It increases the ability of oxygen absorption by the red blood cells and betters the oxygen transfer to the tissues. Ozone favorably stimulates the different cycles where oxygen is metabolized.
It modulates the biological oxidative stress, through the activation of enzymatic systems of antioxidant defense.
It has immunomodulation and immunorestoration properties. It collaborates with the strengthening of the immune system. Modulating effects of biological response were also found, that is, it moderates the response mechanism of its own biological self-regulation, to prevent strong reactions in more (excitatory) or less (inhibitory).
In human medicine (like in veterinary) successful treatments in pathology are verified with:
Pain in the musculoskeletal system (pain that can be set in: skin, subcutaneous cellular tissue, connective tissue, nerves, muscles, tendons, fascias, periosteum, bone, articulations, etc).
Patients with autoimmune processes (example: rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis; Sjögren’s syndrome, etc).
In mature or elderly patients (gerontes), adds a strengthening and revitalization sensation.

What is Biological Dentistry?

On August 1, 2015

Biological dentistry is to relate oral health with the rest of the body’s health. It is to recognize and have in mind that the mouth is part of the body. One cannot say that they are healthy without considering their oral conditions. Illnesses of the mouth, be it cavities, gingivitis or infections, are ailments that are in the body.

For some reason, in some part of history, modern or traditional medicine stopped recognizing this, dividing the oral care exclusively for the dentist and the body’s health to the doctor and this has taken us to controversial issues. Medicine and dentistry recognize that periodontal disease is related to heart disease, but it’s more difficult to understand the relation that exists between the mercury amalgams and your health. Mercury is the second most toxic heavy metal in nature; arsenic is the first. Even so, the amalgams contain 40%-50% mercury.

Current dental conditions and work done by dentists influence your health in different forms. When you resume these concepts one starts to practice “biological dentistry”.

Each time we take care of our patients, we have in mind the impact we can create in other parts of the body and due to this we choose biocompatible materials and our treatments are the least invasive possible. We offer detoxifying protocols, alternative therapies and we practice holistic dentistry preferring vitamins and homeopathic remedies over medicine; we are constantly keeping up to date in subjects of biological dentistry. Your path towards health (dental and bodily) begins with your first consultation with us.