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American Dental Insurance Are Welcome in Our Office

Having dental insurance and using it is a good idea; paying for one and never putting it to work makes no sense at all. Many patients have dental insurance but the thought of using it in Mexico never crosses their mind. Some patients don’t realize that you are paying for dental coverage meant to be used during the calendar year (most insurances are renewed the first of each year). If you don’t use it, your budget does not roll over to the next year but starts again. It is not a piggy bank where all yearly payments will add up to do that one major dental work you are thinking of. Rather, it is meant to be used on a yearly routine bases that’s renewed on January 1st every year. It is also not a savings account where you can retrieve cash from to pay for dental treatments out of pocket.

US dental insurance are welcome at Dental 6th & E and the first step to know if you qualify for this is for us to verify your information to see if it covers in Mexico and what treatments can be done. To do this we will ask you for your insurance and personal information during your consultation or you can also e mails us the information for us to check it ahead of time before your arrival. This is done at no extra cost.

Once we know it covers in Mexico then we will explain what treatments can be done, payment options available for you and the different modalities of working with it.

We are happy to verify your information and review your file to see if we can work with your dental insurance, it would be our pleasure.

See you really soon!